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235. Yogasana – 3 ( Makarasana)


Makarasana is  very simple exercise. Those who are suffering from back pain get relief gradually if they do this asana daily. Some people would have experienced compression in spinal nerves. For them it is very useful. The body gains the flexibility as all the parts of  it are stretched.  By doing this, the pull of gravity is transferred from abdomen and thighs to the ground. It gives relief from aches and fatigue.

For doing makarasana, we have to lie flat on the stomach.  Then, we have to raise the head  and shoulders slowly. We have to stretch both the hands on the front side. Similarly, we have to raise both the legs on the backside in the air. Only the stomach should rest on the floor.  We can close the eyes and relax the body, by inhaling and exhaling the air slowly.  Then, we have to release the hands, bring down the hands and keep the head on the floor.  Afterwards turn and return to normal. Our body will become light and flexible.

227. Yogasana -2(Konasana)


Sometime back, we saw  padmasana. Next, we can learn to do Konasana. It is very simple. There are two stages in Konasana.

In the first stage, we should stand  straight. There should be 6 inches gap between the feet. The arms should be kept close to the body on both the sides. First inhale air and lift the left arm to a position in which fingers should point to the sky. Breath out and bend the body to the right,  by moving pelvis to the left. The eyes should see the fingers of the left arm. By breathing in, bring back the body to the previous position. Exhale air and bring down the left arm.  Repeat the process with the right arm. The first stage is over. We can repeat this for 3 times.


In the second stage, we have to lift both the arms simultaneously by breathing in. The fingers should be interlaced  and the index finger of both the hands should point to the top. This is called steeple position. Breathing out, we have to turn the body to the right. Then to the centre and to the left. The fingers position should remain unaltered. This can be repeated for 3 times.

We get many benefits by doing konasana.  The body and the spine are stretched so that they get relief from any pain. Flexibility of the body  increases. Toning of arms, legs and abdomen happen which strengthens muscles in these parts. So, please try.