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217. A woman’s identity

First of all, a woman is a human being. She has got all the feelings which a man has. Some men show fear and hostility towards women. Some women think themselves as inferior. Both are wrong. The qualities such as leadership, command & control, and authority are attached to the  father role and the qualities such as love, affection, compassion and submission are attached to the role of a mother in our society.

Why not both of them have all the qualities? Now people started to think that financial independence is the identity of a woman. If a woman is financially strong, the society hesitates to comment about her deficiencies. A woman who  climbs the ladder steps of education, employment, career projection and outstanding performance in any field, in addition to taking care of her family, is known as successful.

But, some women who climbs all these ladder steps are not successful in life as they are being abused and suppressed at home or office or outside by men or other women. Women should not lose their self-esteem for anything. That is their real identity. A woman should not get “ego” at home or outside. That will spoil her image totally.

Women has to give up some habits like gossiping,   fault finding, degrading others, spendthrift mania, poking nose in others’ matters and jealousy. If a woman succeeds in doing it, definitely she will get her true identity.