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237. Varalakshmi Vratha

Varalakshmi Vratha is being celebrated in Hindu culture very grandly. To bring prosperity and wealth, we worship Goddess Varalakshmi.

Varamahalakshmi pooja at my brother's place.

Varamahalakshmi pooja at my brother’s place.

This pooja comes in Shravana month before poornima(full moon). We have to collect items  for this pooja on the previous day itself. We have to get up early(brahma muhoortham) and take bath. Absolute madi is required for doing this pooja. As the kalasa has to be kept facing east, we have to make arrangements accordingly.

We have to clean the place and put rangoli.

Place a plank or peeta(manai) and keep a banana leaf(nuni vazhai ilai)  on it. Spread rice on the banana leaf as we have to keep the kalasa on this rice bed. Fill the kalasa with rice or water(as per tradition). Put dry fruits, betal nuts, betal leaves, gold or silver coins in it.

Decorate the outside of kalasa with turmeric, kunkum and chandan. Apply kunkum, turmeric and chandan to a coconut & place it on the top of the kalasa, surrounded by mango leaves.

We have to decorate the Goddess Lakshmi’s face and keep it against the coconut and tie it with a thread. Some people put a sari and blouse to Lakshmi. We can put kunkum, turmeric, chandan, jewels to Lakshmi. We can put a garland to the Goddess.

First we have to keep the kalasa separately, for bringing from outside. We can keep the kalasa as such on a stool by tying vazhakkannu on the 4 side legs. While coming inside, the woman carrying the kalasa has to tilt the padi with rice & belladhu achu(2) kept on the hosthulu, with the kalasa, so that they fall inside the house. It is the significance of bringing wealth through Lakshmi to our house.

We generally sing the song, “baghyaadha lakshmi baaramma” at the time of entry. Then we have to keep the kalasa safely on the rice bed. We can keep a Lakshmi photo behind it.  We have to light the lamps and begin Ganapathi pooja first. We can prepare a cone shaped turmeric Ganesha.  We have to keep some sacred yellow threads tied with flowers and putting knots for puja. After finishing Ganapathi puja, we have to start Varalakshmi puja. We have to perform puja using kunkum, turmeric, chandan, akshadai and flowers.

We have to perform Ganapathi pooja and Varalakshmi pooja in this order(this may vary slightly from house to house) : Dhyaanam, Sankalpam, Aavaahanam, Asanam,  Arkyam,   Padyam, Aachamanam, Madhubarkam, Panchamrutham, Snanam, Vasthram, Aabaranam, Upaveetham, Gandham, Akshadha, Pushpa, Anga pooja, Ashtothram(kunkuma archanai), Dhoopam, Deepam, Neivedhyam, Thamboolam and Aarathi. The male members can do Aachamanam, Pranaayamam and Ghenta pooja also. While doing the pooja  we have to do archanai using flowers and akshadha. We can say sthothrams, slokas and songs while doing lakshmi pooja. It will be good if we say “Lakshmi Shobana”.  Finally we have to do Pradikshana namaskara by saying our prayers to Goddess. All the ladies should then wear the sacred thread on the right wrist. Thamboolam with mangala items should also be given to all.

Happy Varalakshmi pooja!

179. Adhika masa

In the lunar calender, 354 days comes in a year. The solar calender consists of 365 days. An adhika masa comes in a lunar calender once in 32 months, 16 days and 24 minutes. For the lunar calender followers, a month begins with amavashya. In the year 2015, adhika masa is from June 17 to July 16. This year will have 13 months instead of 12 months.

The adhika masa  is dedeicated to Lord Krishna. During adhika masa, we have to follow spiritual things. This month is for self-development, self-revaluation and self-assessment. We have to do lot of punya karya during this period. Fasting, reciting and hearing manthras & slokas and performing pujas are to be done. Also, we have to do some dhanas compulsorily during this period. The religious rituals help us to get rid of our sins.

Generally the dhanas given are thambula, deepa, apopa(adirasam in kanchu pathram), fruits, gajavasthram, anna, vasthra, rava laddu  or anything else you can. We have to give these items in the count of 33 to brahmanas. While giving these dhanas we can keep mangala items like vetrilai, pakku, seeppu, kannadi, balai, dhakshanai, arisina, kunkuma, palam, kaadolai, karugumani, blouse bit, akki, bella, belai,  poo and hanju.

Normally we won’t perform any shubakarya like grahapravesam, upanayanam and marriage during adhika masa. So, in the mechanical life, let us spare some time for puja, vratha and dhana during this month.