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294. The person who inspired me – Part IV

I want to say some more information about Swami  Vivekananda  before I conclude.

In British-ruled India, Vivekananda gave a new colour to the national movement throughout India. Sri Aurobindo regarded Vivekananda as the one who awakened India spiritually. Mahathma Gandhi considered him as a social reformer as he helped to cut the dead wood of tradition. Rajagopalachari(Rajaji) remarked  that Vivekananda saved India by saving Hinduism. Subash Chandra Bose called him as the maker of New India. Rabindranath Tagore mentioned that if anybody wants to know about India, he has to study Vivekananda’s writings. Jawaharlal Nehru wrote about him as Vivekananda came as a tonic to the depressed and demoralized people.

According to Vivekananda,”Religion is science of consciousness”. The universal conception frees religion from the holds of superstition and makes it highest pursuit of knowledge, freedom and happiness. Vivekananda’s concept of potential divinity of soul makes life meaningful and worth living. He said that we should be pure because purity is our real nature, our true divine self or athma. Similarly we should love and serve others because we all are one in the supreme spirit known as paramathma. Vivekananda built a bridge between Indian and Western culture.

Swami Vivekananda gave a clear cut profile to Hinduism. He brought harmony by unifying different sectors of Hinduism. He raised voice in defence of Hinduism. He faced grave challenges and he met them boldly by integrating the best elements western culture in Hindu culture. He elevated social service to the status of divine service.

Swami Vivekananda has said that even after he laid down his body he would continue to work and inspire young generation people to carry on his unfinished work. At Kanyakumari, the Rock Memorial  which stands in his name is a unique symbol of unity and purity. When he reached Kanyakumari in 1892, he was suffering from hunger and thirst. He was exhausted and  had no money to pay to boatman to travel by boat. He swam across and reached the rock. He sat there for three days and meditated on Mother India who for him is incarnate of Divine Durga. He thought about the past, present and future of India. He took a decision to travel throughout the world to spread India’s religion  and culture.

I hope the person who inspired me will also inspire you also.