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388. Vijendra Theertha

vijendra theertha

Madhwacharya was a disciple of Achyutapreksha and it is from him that the Dwaitha or dualism concept flowed in the 12th century.  Vijendra Theertha came from this parampara.

Sri Vijayindra Tîrtha was a `sarva-tantra-swatantra’, a master of the sixty-four arts, a winsome and magnetic personality,and the author of over a hundred works . Born by the grace of Sri Vyaasa Tiirtha in 1517 as Vittalacharya,  Sri Vijayiindra Tiirtha got his education from Sri Vyaasa Tiirtha. The saint was then gifted by Sri Vyaasa Tiirtha to Sri Surendra Theertha, ruled the throne of Srimad Acharya,  served his guru Sri Surendra Tiirtha, showed many great miracles, won many scholars which proved that he was undoubtedly victorious.

Sri Vijayindra Theertha is like the Sun for the devotees who take refuge in him. His holiness is like divine cow Kamadhenu. His holiness is like divine Kalpavrksha. For such a great saint our sastanga namaskara is submitted.  He was a scholar noted for his works Nyayamruta, Tarkatandava and Tatparyachandrika.  He became an active proponent of  Dwaitha school of thought in South India during the  Thanjavur Nayak rule in Tamil Nadu.

Venkatapathi Raya, the ruler of Vijayanagara Empire  honored Vijayendra theertha with a Counch and other emblems of victory for his victory over his opponents in disputations. Vijayendra Tirtha remained the pontiff of  Vibudendra Theertha Mutt.

He tutored and appointed Shri Sudhindra tirtha as his successor.  Sri Vijayendra Mutt is a  Madhwa matha located in the town of  kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu,  India. It was founded by Vjendra Theertha, the guru of the Madhva saint Raghavendraswamy.  Sri Raghavendra served as pontiff of the mutt in his early days. The samadhi of Vijayendra Swamigal is located in Kumbakonam.  Vijayendra swamigal performed many miracles and his greatness spread like spread of light from sun even each and every common man in Tamil nadu near by Kumbakonam knows vijayendra swamigal. Sri Raghavendra swami was the last pontiff and later new mutt name Sri Raghavendra swamy Mutt formed as a succession to Sri Vijayendra Mutt.

Please visit this Mutt in Kumbakonam and get the blessings of Vijendra Theertha and Raghavendra swamy.