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461. Kasi Yathra – I

After bringing mud from Rameswaram, we started our Kasi yathra, as planned. We had booked tickets through Shri Raghavendra Tours, Coimbatore, already.  As our friends and relatives have given good opinion about the organisers, we were happy to join in this group. It was a 8 days trip.  Food, accomodation, sight seeing and srartha arrangements were done by them very nicely.  As we preferred AC III tier travel, we booked tickets ourselves. There were 35 tourists in this group.

The organiser provided ID card, a cap, a plate and a tumbler to each tourist, before the journey.  First, we went to Chennai from  Coimbatore by Intercity Express.  From Chennai, we travelled to Varanasi  by Sangamithra Express. The organiser served food to all the tour participants in their seats, even though the seats were in different compartments.  We enjoyed the travel, as we were in AC compartment. But, our friends in II class sleeper faced some problems as many people got into their compartments, as the train moved towards North India. Finally,  we got down at Mughal Sarai Junction, after travelling for 38 hours, in this train.

The organiser arranged 4 jeeps for our travel from the Juncion to Gaudiya Mutt, Sonarpura, Varanasi. We were provided good rooms. After keeping the luggage, we brushed our teeth. Hot coffee was served to us. We were taken to Kedhar Ghat for doing Ganga Snana, by a local guide.  Snana Sankalpa was done by a Prohith.  We happily took bath in Ganga river for which we were longing for. Then, my husband and male members did srartha sankalpa, in that holy place. After that, we returned to our room.

After having tiffin in the meaning, we started our local sight seeing visit.  Our first place of visit is Shri Kala Bairavar temple.  Whoever lands in Varanasi will like to visit this temple. Five persons travelled in an auto. The journey was about 45 minutes. The auto driver himself took us inside the temple, as we have to walk through narrow roads from the parking place. The temple is in Vishweshwarganj area. The entry to the temple is narrow there is outer mantapam where one can see the Lord. The entry to inner sanctum is at the back where one can have clear darshan.  The Lord is on His vahana Dog and has silver face. All around the temple there is narrow path to circumvent the temple to the side of the path there is elevated platform where are seated Brahmins with inventory like  thread and other items. They also have ‘Danda of Peacock feathers’ to bless the pilgrims. They will wave it on the pilgrims to wade off sins.

This is the history of Kala Bairava temple. Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma are the three main Gods of Hinduism. Once, Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu got into a fight regarding who is the supreme among all three. All the Vedas pronounced Lord Shiva as the supreme power. Both Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma laughed at this conclusion. Shiva got angry and went into a rage that created a ferocious light. Lord Vishnu surrendered but Lord Brahma continued to stare at the light, which caused one of his heads to burn out. The light that was created by Lord Shiva became a being called as Kal. Kal walked around the world with the head of Brahma in his hand. When he entered Kashi, the head dropped to the ground and his sins washed away. Kaal stayed back in  Kasi.

I will continue the details in my next blog.