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298. Pottuk kadalai urundai

pottuk kadalai urundai

We usually prepare pottuk kadalai urundal using whole fried gram.  I tried this urndai using powdered pottuk kadalai and millets. I tried with thinai. We can use thinai/ragi/varagu/samai or a combination of 2 or 3 millets.

Ingredients required :

pottuk kadalai – 2oo gms

Any millet  – 100 gms

jaggery – 150 gms

elaichi – 5

ghee – 2 tsp

cashew – 8

Method  of preparation :

In a kadai, dry roast pottuk kadalai and millet separately & make it a powder. In the kadai boil 1/4 cup of water and add powdered jaggery. Remove dirt and bring it to one kambip padham. Add ghee, pottuk kadalai & millet powder, elaichi and chopped cashew. Mix well and switch off the gas. Greasing the hands with little ghee   make small balls. The taste is fine and suitable for all ages.