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241. Upakarma

Upakarma is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Sraavana. In brahmin families, the brahmacharya of a boy begins with “Upanayana“.  A boy or a married man has to change the sacred thread known as “Yagnopavitham”  every year on upakarma day.

To infuse new energy and erase dhoshas, the rituals on this day are mandatory. By dharmic practices and  vedic manthra recitals, we are thanking the rishis who made them. By wearing new janivara and doing upakarma, a brahmin pays his three debts ie to the teacher, to the God and to the forefathers.

The three threads in Janivara represent  mummoorthis viz., Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The nine divinities in Yagnopavitham are Omkaara, Agni, Naaga, Soma, Pithru, Prajapathi, Vaayu, Soorya and Vishwedhevathagalu. A prayer to atone the sins is important on this day. While wearing new Janivara the brahmana has to say, “I am wearing this sacred thread which is highly pure and inseparable from God & which gives me strength and dignity. While removing the old thread one has to pray, “I remove this with respect “. This day is more auspicious as Sreeman Narayana took the incarnation of Hayagreeva on this day.

Next day, after early bath, “gayathri japam” has to be done without fail.