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261. Shri Raghavendra Sthothra


I hope you all know that Appanacharya was caught in the flood of  Thungabadra river when he came to have the last darshan of Rayaru. He started singing Shri Raghavendra Sthothra and the  Thungabadra river gave way to  him to cross and reach manchali. By  the time Appanacharya reached manthralaya, the last stone was placed at the Brindhavana. Rayaru sitting inside the brindhavana listened to the Guru sthothra fully, completed the sthothra by saying, “Sakshi hayaasthothrahi“. Rayaru was chanting  the Hayagreeva manthra at that time. He said that Hayagreeva roopa Hari is the witness of guru stothra  recited by Appanacharya.

We have to listen or sing or recite this sthothra as much times as we can.  If we do this with “bakthi bava”, we will get peace of mind. Rayaru will bless us with whatever we want.