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396. Utharayana Punyakala

In our culture, our one year is equal to one day for Gods.  The day period for Gods is known as “Utharayana”  and the night period is known as “Dakshinayana“.  Uttarayana and Dakshinayana comprises of six months each. Utharayana means the northern movement of the sun. The period starting from Capricorn Zodiac (Makara Rashi) up to Gemini Zodiac (Mithuna Raasi) is called as Utharayana. The period when Sun leaves Gemini Zodiac is known as Kataka Sankramana and this marks the end of the Utharayana period.

People who have been spiritually aware have always identified this transition as a possibility for human consciousness to blossom. Particularly, the first half of Utharayana until the equinox in March is a period where the maximum amount of grace is available. The human system is more receptive to grace at that time than any other.

It is very essential to seek the blessings of Pithrus during the transit time.  Transit also coincide with the last day of Dhanurmasam the most sacred and celestial period to worship Lord Vishnu. It is more significant and meritorious to do sacred bath, prayer, japa, tharpana and charity.  Those who are eligible should also give Thila Tharpana to their forefathers (Sarva Pithru).

Sun directs our vision towards the holy and pure spirituality and guides us to dedicate our activities for a higher cause thus following the northward path. During this period of Uttaraayana, Sun’s power gradually increases and the day will be longer than the night. Since time immemorial human kind is accustomed to co-relate the cosmic events with individual life; Sun is an important cosmic body and every Sun-centric event has lot of spiritual, religious and cultural value.

So,  all the good things begin now.