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293. Stay cool in the summer

Every year, we used to say,”This year it is very hot”.

First thing we have to do is to drink  a liquid every two hours during daytime. It may be water, lemonade or coconut water. Please avoid ice cold  water and bottled drinks. We will get immediate relief from burning heat if we drink a cup of warm water. Taking fresh fruits or fruit juice without sugar will also help. Fruit salad or vegetable salad will give the energy needed. The  watermelon fruit is ideal for summer. We have to avoid eating oil-fried items. Eating spicy food  is not advisable.

We have to wear  loose fittings, preferably cotton. If we have to go out in hot summer, we have to cover the head with scarf or carry an umbrella.  When we go out in a vehicle, we have to park it in a shady area. As far as possible, wandering in the hot sun should be avoided. Taking cool shower twice a day will keep the body cool.

Last, but not the least, take a vacation and move to a hill station. There is no need to visit all the places in that hill station. Take rest and enjoy nature so that your body and mind will become cool.