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438. Our visit to Chennai – V

Our next plan was to visit Mulbagal. In Kancheepuram,  on 19.06.2018, we got up early by 3 AM, to catch the direct bus to Chithoor.  The bus started by 4.30 AM and reached by  7.30 AM. From there, we went to Palamanaer.  There, we bought some fruits and flowers. From there, we got direct bus to Mulbagal. From Kancheepuram to Mulbagal, we had travelled by bus for 5 1/2 hours.

Mulbagilu town is located in Kolar district of Karnataka. The town got its name Mulbagilu from the word Mudalabagilu, which means the eastern gate in Kannada. It was an eastern gate for both Vijayanagara Empire and the state of Mysore.

Sripada Rayar  mutt is located at Narasimha theertha about 2 kilometers distance from Mulbagilu.  Sripadaraja spread the preaching of Dwaita philosophy founded by Madhwacharya. He was an important advisor of Vijayanagara kings and has penned many Kannada hymns. His contributions to Dwaita philosophy and Haridasa literature are immense.  The Narasimha theertha has his resting place (Brindavan). There is also a beautiful idol of Yoga Narasimha and Lord Hanuman here. The  sculpture of Yoga narasimha was sketched by Akshobhya theertha, the guru of Sripadaraja and the Hanuman was installed by Vyasaraja, the disciple of Sripadaraja.

There,  one devotee came for offering Thulabara for his daughter and another, for submitting the gold eyes to Narasimhaswamy. Some people came for Srartha also. So, we could finish Puja and lunch by 2 PM only. From there, we got Tirupathi – Bangalore bus  itself  from the Mutt, to Chithoor. From Chithoor, we went to Vellore and from there to Kancheepuram.  The return bus journey also took 5 1/2 hours.

Even though the bus journey was tedious and we had to wait in the Mutt, for a long time, we had a pleasant experience.