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403. Our visit to temples near Villupuram – II

3 narasimars

On  12–2-2018 evening, we visited Sri Raghavendraswamy Mrithika Brindavanam at Panampattu, Villupuram.  We had very good darshan and  His blessings filled our heart with happiness and contentment.

As per the advice of my sister-in-law and her husband, the next  day, we planned to visit three Narasimha temples on the same day. They also accompanied us and explained all the important facts about these temples, which helped us to have a  pleasant darshan.

The first Narasimha temple we  visited   was at Singirikudi. Legends say that Prahalada  had worshipped Lord Narasimha swamy at Singirikudi.  Prahalada is believed to have come North to Singiri Kudi to invoke the blessings of the Ugra Narasimha Swamy at this Kshetra. The temple is replete with puranic lore.  The presiding deity is Ughra Narasimha with 16 hands.

Nimi Chakravarthy belonging to the solar race was endowed with sharp intellect. A devout person he conducted many yagnas and secured many boons from the Devas. He wanted to perform Indra Yagna for the welfare of mankind. Thus the king approached his guru Vasishta and informed him about the yagna and also requested Vasishta to conduct the yagna. Since Vasishta was reluctant to perform yagna for Indra he expressed his inability to perform but assured that he would visit him the following day.
The king however decided to go ahead with the yagna with help of Sage Koushika, After conducting the yagna successfully he wanted to take rest and retired to his palace. He ordered his guards not to allow anyone to visit him. At this juncture Sage Vasishta wanted to have a rendez vous with the king and asked the guards to allow him into the palace. The guards refused permission. Enraged at this act the Sage cursed the king to loose his identity and wander in the atmosphere without a body. The king knew about the Incident and for his part cursed the Sage like wise. The king felt that it is not proper for a Sage to curse anyone while he is asleep. Thus the sage and the king were roaming in the atmosphere without a body aimlessly. All sages assembled and wished to perform a yagna to redeem them of the curse. But the king did not want to assume his normal self instead he wanted to worship God through eyes of mankind.
Sage Vasishta approached his father Brahma and sought his guidance. The four headed Brahma at once asked him to proceed to Singarkudi and do tapas propitiating Narasimha. As suggested by his father the sage went to Singarkudi and attained salvation through penance. The God pleased with his devotion gave darshan to him. This place is called Singarkudi as the presiding deity is Singaperumal or Narasimha.  The Lord’s birth star Swathi is celebrated on a grand scale. This is a prarthana sthala.

The Goddess Mahalakshmi resides here with the name “Kanakavalli Thaayar” blesses all the devotees with Her kindness.

Next, we went to Poovarasankuppam. This temple is approximately 1200 years old. This is a spot where he is said to have given darshan to the seven rishis along with his consort. Lord Narasimhar took an instant incarnation as human-lion God, answering the prayers of his bhaktha – Prahalada to slay the demon king – Hiranyakasibu. After slaying the king, his anger did not subside and he roamed all over India. On the Northern shore of the river South Pennai in SouthIndia known as Dakhshin Pinnakini, the “Saptha Rishi’ or Seven rishis prayed to the Lord to have his darshan.

However, the rishis could not bear the intensity of heat emitting from the Lord and requested his consort to calm him down. Goddess Amirthavalli, obliged and sat on the Lord’s lap and looked at him with one eye and the rishis with the other. This act of the Goddess Lakshmi brought a soothing and tranquil effect on the Lord. To this day, it is only at this temple in the whole world does the Lord Lakshmi Narasimhar appear in such a pose. This pose where the Goddess, looks at the bhakthas and her Lord simultaneously is believed to be having a conversation with the Lord presenting the bhaktha’s petitions to him.

Finally, we came to Parikkal.  As per a legend, a king, Vasantharaja by name was a strong devotee of Lord Narasimha and wanted to build a temple for his Lord.  He organized necessary Yagnas for three nights headed by his Guru Sage Vamadeva.  Many kings responded to his invitation and gathered there.  When the Yagnas were about to begin, demon Parikalasuran came with his army to destroy the proceedings.  The Guru immediately prepared a talisman with the Mantras, Arakshara and Amirthakshara, tied in the hands of the king and hid him in a bush.  Yet the demon attacked the king with his battle axe.

Rising to rescue his devotee, Lord Narasimha destroyed Parikalasuran with all flaming fury. As the Lord destroyed Parikalasuran here, the place is called Parikkal. King Vasantharaja begged the Lord to be ever calm to grace the devotees approaching his feet.  Lord obliged.  Divine Sculptor Vishwakarma made the idol which Sage Vamadeva installed here.  Lord, with Mother grace the devotees.

Then, we returned to  my sister-in-law’s house at Villupuram.