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286. Touching love story

kuroki's garden

Mr & Mrs. Kuroki were running a dairy farm with 60 cows in Shintomi town, Miyazaki Perfecture, Japan. Due to diabetes, Mrs. Kuroki lost her eyesight suddenly. Mr. Kuroki became very upset on seeing the condition of his wife. She shut herself from the outside world and began living a life of seclusion in her house.

Mr. Kuroki saw pink colour shibazakura flower plant in his farm one day. Its colour and smell attracted him. He worked for two years to create a garden filled with shibazakura flowers. Even though, it is a private residence, Mr. Kuroki allows visitors to see their garden. About 7000 visitors visit this garden during March and April. They not only enjoy the beauty of the flowers but spend time with Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki.

The flowers and the visitors brought back a big smile in the face of Mrs. Kuroki. People praise Mr. Kuroki for bringing blossom in the life of Mrs. Kuroki. See, how the elderly couple turned their sad life into a beautiful one. Let us congratulate them.