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189. Guru Peyarchi

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. He spends approximately one year in each rasi. Guru peyarchi will occur on 14th July 2015 in Simma rasi. He will stay there till 11th August 2016.

The astrologers say that Guru peyarchi will bring changes in everybody’s life. For some rasis, the benefits are excellent, for some medium and for the remaining worse.

For twenty years back, only some people know about sani peyarchi  and very few know about guru peyarchi, raghu peyarchi and kedhu peyarchi. We, the common people  started accepting whatever comes in life as we didn’t know anything. We didn’t have the knowledge about these peyarchis and we won’t go to astrologers to check these changes. Simply we led our lives peacefully. The medias took part in popularising them and succeeded.

Nowadays, the astrological magazines are many. There are special books published to educate the people about these peyarchis. Every book gives different type of predictions and pariharams for a rasi. People are buying everything and getting confused. The TV channels allocate separate slot and bring famous astrologers to the studio and make them answer to the questions of the public. It is really an entertainment and many people like me enjoy these shows. The daily newspapers publish separate attachment to help the public to know about the good and bad things that will happen in future.  All the weekly, bi-monthly and monthly magazines  in all languages fill up the pages easily by giving predictions for all rasis.

I am happy that the astrologers are getting some money by writing these articles. If a person reads four or five magazines regularly, he can also write.  It is good that the temples are crowded and people from all sectors participate in homams conducted. Worshipping God and doing homams and pujas are to be appreciated. Let us welcome these peyarchis as they make more people pious.