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285. Millet laddu

sathumavu laddu.JPG

I tried a different type of laddu using millets. I am sharing the recipe with you.

Ingredients required :

thinai maavu – 1/2 cup

kambu maavu – 1/2 cup

raagi maavu – 1/2 cup

jaggery – 1 .1/2 cups

ghee – 1 tsp

cashew – 4

elaichi – 2

white sesame seeds – 1/2 tsp

Method of preparation :

Dry roast all the maavus and keep aside. In the same kadai, put ghee and roast cashews. Then, put  jaggery and  1/4 cup of water. When jaggery dissolves well, add  elaichi and sesame. Then, put roasted maavu little by little and mix well. After 5 minutes switch off the gas. Make small size laddus and store in a jar. The laddu is tasty and healthy. Please try.