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244. Raksha Bandhan

The relationship between siblings is something great. The bondage will continue lifelong. The bond of love between a brother and a sister is deepest and cannot be expressed in words.

In South India, on Garuda panchami day, sister prays for the welfare of the brother and the brother gives some gift to the sister.  In the same way, “Rakhi” or “Raksha Bandhan” is celebrated in North India.

On this special occasion the sister ties rakhi, around the wrist of the brother, after praying for his safety and wellness. Rakhi or Raksha means protection. The brother assures to protect the sister from all the evils by accepting this bond and gives her gift. The family members used to unite for this function.

This festival is celebrated in the month of shravana on the poornima day. Those who are close family friends, can also tie rakhi  to show the affection. By this, the social wellbeing is maintained.

I want to share an interesting news about Raksha Bandhan. When British were ruling India, Rabindranath Tagore tried to create a brotherhood feeling between the hindus and the muslims, so that they can fight against British unitedly. In Shantiniketan he arranged for “Rakshabandhan Mahotsava”.

This festival actually helped to create harmony and trust between hindus & muslims. Even now, it is very essential to continue this practice as this festival holds the key to peaceful existence of love and friendship among mankind irrespective of caste or creed.

222. Prathyangira devi

Sometimes some bad incidents happening in our life may let us fall down completely.  We may have to suffer without doing any mistake. But, don’t lose heart. Devi Prithyangira gives energy to come out of our misfortune and emerge with full confidence. She is known as Naarasimhi. She is a goddess with a lioness’s face and human body.

Lord Narasimha became very furious after tearing Hiranya kasibu and drinking his blood. All the Gods feared to go near him. To cool him, Lord Shiva took the form of a human-bird which is known as Sarabeshwara. Lord Narasimha created  a two-headed bird to oppose Sarabeshwara. Sarabeshwara took the form of fierce Bhairava. From his third eye, he created Prathyangira. She sat on the lap of Lord Narasimha and calmed him.

If we feel that some evil influence has attacked us, by praying to Goddess  Prathyangira, we will get complete relief. If the person opposing has got power and going in the path of adharma, we cannot fight with him and win in the normal course.

Such bad persons will go from our life soon, on hearing our sincere prayers to Prathangira.  We will get peace and happiness after putting our prayers to our beloved Goddess Prathyangira Devi.

156. White horse in Karamadai Ranganathar temple

You might have heard about the famous Karamadai Ranganathar Temple. Some of you might have visited this temple also. I just want to tell an interesting fact about this temple.


At the time of British rule in India, a british engineer insisted to construct a railway line very near the temple. The local people disagreed as it will be difficult for them for the visitors. Moreover, at the time of festivals, thiru ula of the deity will be affected. The engineer did not accept the words of the public and proceeded with the work of laying railway line.The sincere devotees prayed to the God to stop the endeavour. God answered to the prayers.

On one day, Lord ranganatha swamy appeared in the dream of the engineer in a white horse and he got beats from the lord. The engineer got instructions from the lord to change the direction of the railway line. Next day he came to the temple and explained everything to them. He cancelled the proposal of constructing railway line near the temple. He also made a white horse in wood and donated to the temple.

Lord ranganathaswamy utsava murthy deity takes procession through the nearby streets in this wooden white horse only even now.  Please visit the temple and see the white horse.

41. Tirupati Venkatachalapathi


All the hindus might have gone to Tirupati atleast once to have the darshan of Lord Venkatachalapathi. Those who have not visited already will like to visit in future.

The pilgrimage city tirupati is localted in chittoor district of Andra Pradesh.  We cannot visit the temple as and when we like and have the darshan. Lakhs and lakhs of people are visiting the temple daily. We have to book in advance the darshan tickets and wait in queue for at least some hours to see him. Just to have darshan for few seconds, people are travelling hours together. Nobody minds in spending time or money to have his darshan.

It is believed that Lord Venkateshwara, popularly known as Lord Balaji will permit anybody to see him only if he wishes. Otherwise, the person won’t get his darshan, even after reaching Tirupati. Many sevas and utsavs are held regularly and the devotees are taking part in everything very enthusiastically. Lakhs and lakhs of money is deposited in the Hundi. Gold and silver coins and jewelleries are also offered to God by devotees. Lord Srinivasa fulfil the wishes of everybody.

Tirupati is known as temple of seven hills. The seven sacred hills are Seshadri, Vedadri, Garudadri, Anjadri, vrishabadri, Narayanandri and Venkatadri. Lord Venkatachalapathy gives his darshan sitting in the hill Venkatadri. We have to travel through 7 hills to see him. Those who have got specific wishes, will pray and visit the temple.The Lord Srinivasa hears the prayer of all devotees. Please make a visit to Tirupati.

13. Effect of Manthras

Simple prayer with manthras daily will help us to start our activities smoothly. The manthras we say guard us from evil things throughout the day. If we are not fluent in chanting manthras, we can listen to them again and again.

The vibration of manthras is very good for the house. To control blood pressure and normalise the heart beat, at the time of having emotional feelings, listening or chanting manthras will be very much helpful.

Sitting and saying bhajans in a group, will help us to be more energetic. When we are afraid of something, the manthras will give us the strength to face any problem. In the peace and calm atmosphere, say in the early morning, if we are hearing or chanting manthras, the power of vibration will be much more. If we start a work after chanting manthras on God, we can approach with more positive energy and there is no doubt about our success in the work.

The persons chanting or listening manthras will have the “thejas” in their faces and people who meet them, will definitely give respect. The purity of mind we get cannot be expressed in words. We should always use our energy for positive work. We should not chant or hear manthras for the negative works. So, let us cherish the benefits of manthras.