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349. Tiredness

Many people feel exhausted early during daytime, even though they get normal sleep at night. Fatigue is linked with mood and the accumulation of lots of little stresses in life. Our energy level is high in the morning and it goes down slowly when the day ends.  Shall we see the reason for our tiredness?

Our body is a closed thermo-dynamic system and the input-output equation matters much. If sufficient energy goes in functionality will be normal. For that we have to take proper diet periodically. If we skip the food or the intake is insufficient, then fatigue, lethargy, weakness and tiredness will enter our mind and body. Taking food with empty calories is of no use. The food we take should contain necessary minerals and vitamins  to fuel all the physiological processes.

Magnesium and potassium  are the magic supplements for our body strength. Magnesium is needed for energy  and potassium is responsible for electrolyte balance, which helps to prevent fatigue, irritability and cramps. Magnesium is available in plenty in green leafy vegetables, and in nuts. Bananas and tender coconut are rich in potassium.  So, those who are feeling tired often, please take these in plenty.

Taking rest in between hard work also refreshes our body. This rest helps our system for re-organising, cleaning, updating and turning back on with full mood.

So, friends, refresh your body & mind and free  your system from tiredness.