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13. Effect of Manthras

Simple prayer with manthras daily will help us to start our activities smoothly. The manthras we say guard us from evil things throughout the day. If we are not fluent in chanting manthras, we can listen to them again and again.

The vibration of manthras is very good for the house. To control blood pressure and normalise the heart beat, at the time of having emotional feelings, listening or chanting manthras will be very much helpful.

Sitting and saying bhajans in a group, will help us to be more energetic. When we are afraid of something, the manthras will give us the strength to face any problem. In the peace and calm atmosphere, say in the early morning, if we are hearing or chanting manthras, the power of vibration will be much more. If we start a work after chanting manthras on God, we can approach with more positive energy and there is no doubt about our success in the work.

The persons chanting or listening manthras will have the “thejas” in their faces and people who meet them, will definitely give respect. The purity of mind we get cannot be expressed in words. We should always use our energy for positive work. We should not chant or hear manthras for the negative works. So, let us cherish the benefits of manthras.