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233. Why many Indians do not vote in election?

The rich people never bother about rulers. They get everything by money. The poor people get some freebies before election. Just for getting them, they are ready to do anything. They simply cast vote  to the person who gives more freebies. They don’t bother whether the person if elected will do something good to the nation.

The middle class people always think well before doing anything. But for them, no party  or  person is doing anything good in any way.  Everytime, they analyse who is better among the contestants and finally cast their vote to him. But, if that person got elected, he never cares about the public. He puts all his energy to get back the money spent for the election and much more for him and his beloved ones.

The straight forward common persons are getting frustrated by this attitude and refuse to cast their votes. They know well that it is their duty to cast vote in the election. But, the behavior of the person or party after election is intolerable for them. The elected person has forgot that people has chosen him for doing service to the country. He and his partymen behave harshly to the public. They behave impolitely.

The work which has to be done in normal course, is possible only if public give money for it.  In every Government office, people stand in long queues for hours together for each and every work, after paying normal charges and extra amount asked for.  To make the people to come happily to cast vote lies in the hands of the politicians.