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501. Create your own karma

Love yourself. It is not a sign of selfishness. We should be a good person by our deeds. For creating our own karma, we have to speak the truth always. Our life should have a purpose, rather a good purpose. We should not be satisfied by our growth alone. We should be ready to help others both physically and financially. We should involve in spiritual activities by visiting temples and doing puja at home.  We should always be kind and compassionate to the people whoever we meet in our lifetime.

What we to others will come back to us definitely. So, we should only do the good things. All of the wars,  fightings, bickering, complaining, and general unhappiness begins with a thought carried out with negative action. To counter all this negative energy, we can collectively create better karma so that good things and people start to appear in our lives, which raises the vibrational energy. Creating good karma is as simple as trying your best to be a good person.

While life may seem like a series of uncontrollable, atrocious events on the surface, we have to remember to look beyond the illusions and remind ourselves what we are really here for. We all came here to heal the past karma and become the best versions of ourselves, so we have to keep this in mind each day when we wake up.

We have to analyse our life as a third person.  We should forgive our mistakes and others’ mistakes. Our soul uses its past life learnings to choose and create the life we are currently living. It knows what we can handle, and what we can’t withstand. It knows our past, present, and future. It knows everything. We have to choose to have a certain kind of life, and that allows us to gradually move toward our soul’s higher purpose.

We should always be ready to offer compliments to others. We should always be ready to ready to start any work immediately without waiting for others’ comments. We should thank the person lending even a small help. We should be ready to sacrifice our valuables for good cause. Our talent should be useful to others and we should always be ready to teach others. A good listener is a good doer. So, we should give due respect to others’ views.

We should create our karma in a good way.