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397. My Mother

My mother’s name is Shakunthala.   She was born on Rishi Panchami day.  We, the daughters and sons’ remember her with love and gratitude. always.  She passed away few years back. When she was alive, I didn’t think about her much. After her death,  I used to remember her love and sacrifice.

My father passed away suddenly, leaving my mother and six children, when I was six years old.   She brought up all of us, very bravely and courageously, facing all the challenges in the life.  Ours is not a rich family.  By God’s grace and with my parents blessings’, we  all had good education, job and other virtues.  I was last of all  and my brothers  & sisters stood like pillars  with her, in making our family to earn good reputation, in the society.

I loved my mother very much.  It is quite natural that everybody loves his/her mother than anything in the world.  She showered unconditional love on all her children equally. After my father’s death, she lived like a Sanyasini.  She spent all her time for the welfare of the children. She felt very happy on seeing  our growth.  She didn’t even spend a second to think about her health or likings. She always lived for us.

Nobody can explain what a mother’s love is. Her love is made up of  joy, pain, sacrifice  and deep affection.  A mother can only show endless  and unselfish love.  She never expected anything from us. She was proud that she had very good 3 daughters-in-law and kind 3 sons-in-law.  The thought of her 9 grand children  gave her  more pleasure and  strength.

I always pray to God  to give His blessings  & my parents’ blessings to us and  make us live in peace and harmony.