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216. Dhrishyam movie review

We saw the Dhrishyam malayalam movie as well as Papanasam tamil movie. This family thriller captured everybody’s heart and it was made in telugu, kannada and hindi also. Everybody wished to see this film in their own language. It was a superhit in all the languages.

The serious message strucks our heart and teaches a lesson to be very very careful in life. The teenage girls and their parents should be cautious in all activities. I should not tell the story as you will lose interest to see the movie. Story is the hero in all the versions. The actors just fit into their roles to bring out the expression.

This is a commercial success movie in all the languages and the actors have earned good names by acting in this movie. The success is achieved by word of mouth which spread like a wildfire. If we are careless in a small thing, we may  have to  pay a big price for it.

If we have got intelligence and presence of mind, we can  solve the problem after undergoing tough processes. That is the message of the movie. The movie is good in all aspects as it has got good comments from everybody.