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289. Magical moments in life

When an incident in our life makes us happy again and again, we call it as a  magical moment. It could be simple but the special feeling it created lasts forever. When our dear and near ones are happy, the happiness is spread all around & makes us happy.

Daily we do cooking. But, sometimes we get appreciation from others that the dish is nice or we ourselves feel that it is tasty. Enjoy the happiness for some time. Similarly, the speech or deed of our children might have captured our heart. We should store that magical moment in our mind and enjoy. We or our dear ones might have succeeded in a tough job or competition. We should not leave it as it is. We have to cherish and share our happiness with our close kith and kin.

We all want to avoid suffering and live with happiness. When a person is ill or live alone, we have to go in person and recollect the sweet memories of his/her magical moments so that he/she comes out of loneliness and sadness. We should not talk about bad happenings in others’ life.

We should leave the thought that a life of fulfillment is reserved for lucky guys only. Everybody can get it by creating magical moments in life. We have to make time to cherish magical moments with family and friends.  When we meet new persons with same wavelength, we should not miss the opportunity to continue their friendship.

Not only persons, beauty of nature, reading a good book or watching a decent movie can also create such a magic in life. We have to search for chance to get them again and again. Occasionally, we have to come out of template life and enjoy new things. Visiting  new places will also be helpful to get magical touch in life.

So, be ready to celebrate magical moments in life.