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415. Madhwacharya- I


Madhwacharya  was born in a Brahmin family in Karnataka in a place called Pajaka near Udupi. He became sanyasi in his teenage. He is also known as Anantha Theertha  and Purnaprajna.  He joined an Advaitha vedantha monastery in Dwarka, Gujarat, under his Guru  Achyutrapreksha.  Madhva studied the Upanishads and the Advaita literature, but was unconvinced by its nondualism philosophy of oneness of human soul and god.

He commenced a pilgrimage to the North where he touched Benares, Allahabad, Dwaraka, Delhi and other places and reached the famous Badrikshetra. He composed the Brahmasutra Bhashya at this place and went further North alone, all by himself, to the depths of Himalayas.

     He founded the Sri Krishna temple at Udupi and established eight mutts, the sanyasis of which has to worship the image by rotation. The system of rotation has continued until the present day at Udupi.  Sri Madhva wrote commentaries or Bhashyas on the ten principal Upanishads, the special treatises called Prakaranas ten in number, the Gita Tatparya and many other works during this period.
     During one of his visits to Vishnumangala, he had to meet a reputed champion of the Adwaita school by name Trivikramapanditacharya. The debate between them seems to have extended to fifteen days and covered all the different systems of philosophy like the Bauddha, Sankhya, Nyaya and Adwaita.
     In the end Trivikramapanditacharya has to admit defeat. He was very much impressed with the Acharya and became his disciple having renounced Adwaita and accepting the Dvaita sidhanta. The conversion of Pandita Trivikrama was a great moral victory for the Acharya and many were the new adherents to his system. At his request Sri Madhvacharya wrote a metrical commentary on the Brahmasutras which is famous as Anuvyakhyana.

I will continue to narrate the Mahima of Madhwacharya in my next blog.