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268. Vaikunda Ekadasi

vaikunda ekadasi

The margashirsha shukla paksha ekadasi is known as “Vaikunda Ekadasi”. It is believed that venerating Lord Vishnu on Vaikunda Ekadasi day  will help to free soul from cycles of rebirth and grant moksha.

The doors of Vaikundam(Sorga vasal) will open on this day. That is why in all Perumal temples, the sorga vasal door is kept open for the whole day and devotees are allowed to pass through it.

Special poojas, yagnas and prayers are offered to Lord Vishnu by devotees on this day. All the vaishnavites will have the darshan of Lord Vishnu on this day.

Fasting on ekadasi day, especially  on vaikunda ekadasi day is considered as holy.   We can observe full or partial upavasam(avoiding rice food) on this day. Chanting perumal nama is most important. Some people spend the whole night by singing prayers on Lord Vishnu or listening stories on Him. They won’t sleep throughout the night.

A legend says that to save devas from the demon “muran”, the female power emerged from Lord Vishna named Ekadasi,  burned muran to ashes. Lord Vishnu pleased by the act of Ekadasi asked her to get a boon from Him. As per her wish, Lord Vishnu told that those who observe fasting and remember Ekadasi on that day will be relieved of all the sins and attain vaikundam.

Let us observe vaikunda ekadasi to get the blessings of Lord Vishnu.