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517. Lockdown Lessons

Natural Calamities are not new to the world. We have faced Earthquakes, Floods, Hurricanes, Droughts, Fires, Heat waves and Cloud Bursts. These calamities won’t stand for a long time and we can reach a conclusion quickly. But, the recent lockdown is not a natural phenomenon. The whole world is under lockdown and the nature has taught some lessons to us.

  1. We have learnt to lead a simple life. Now, we understood what is important and what is not important in our life.
  2. Everybody has started to think about others, especially about the suffering people. They want to extend help to them, in some way. Humanity started budding in every heart. It is really a welcoming change.
  3. Big Malls, Cinema theatres and sight-seeing places are not to be crowded. Social distancing has to be followed everywhere. This idea went deep strong in everybody’s mind.
  4. Cleanliness is very very important for every human being. We have to wash our hands, many times  a day.
  5. Previously the habit of using Turmeric, Neem and Salt is found in Indian villages. But, we now see this habit in all big cities also.
  6. We should not depend on others for each and everything. We can do all the household works by ourselves. It is a good exercise for the body and also, saves money.
  7. We have to prepare all the food items at home and we should not go behind outside food.
  8. Work from home is possible for many offices.
  9. Following queue system and avoiding the habit of roaming unnecessarily in the street can be avoided.
  10. The doctors, nurses, police and the cleaning staff are to be respected by all the people.                                                                                                                                       There are many many more good lessons the humankind has learned during lockdown period. We all hope to get rid of this crisis but continue to practice these good habits as before.