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382. Our visit to temples – Part V

Our afternoon session on Wednesday started with our journey to Keelaperumpallam. When Devas and Asuras were churning milk ocean using Mount Meru as the churning stick and the serpent Vasuki as the thread, due to rapid movement, Vasuki spit venom  into the milk ocean.  In the process of Amirtham extraction, deadly poison came out was taken by Lord Shiva. Vasuki felt ashamed and did stricg penance seeking pardon from Shiva. The Lord was pleased and stayed here. Hence, He is known as Naganatha Swamy. Ambal is known as Soundara Nayaki. Here Lord Kedhu is in a separate Sannidhi. Offering worship here wards off all adverse effects from Kedhu planet and brings one all good. The poojas are conducted for Kedu during ‘Ragu kalam’ & ‘Ema kandam’.

Next we visited Thiruvenkadu. The moolavar  here is Suvedharanyeswarar and Ambal is known as  Brahma Vidyambal.  Wednesday is best for visiting this temple as it is a Bhudhan sthalam dedicated to Planet Mercury. . It is said that Agora Murthi was one of the furious incarnation of Lord Shiva. There was an Evil named “Maruthuvasuran” in Thiruvengadu. He had a deep meditation on Lord   Brahma for power. Being satisfied with his meditation, Lord Bhrama offered him many powers. But he used those powers in a wrong ways. He started to torture the saints and innocent people. Having nothing to do, all the saints and people requested Lord Shiva to put an end to this evil. First Shiva sent Nandi twice to kill the demon.  Finally,  Lord Shiva took his incarnation ‘Agora murthi’ and killed the ‘Maruthuvasuran under a tree (which is now in Thiruvengadu temple, back to the entrance of Agora murthi).

Then, we went to Vaitheeswaran  temple.  This temple is dedicated to Angaraka (Mars). The main deity is called Vaitheeswaran, who has got healing power. This God of medicines  cures any type of disease, especially skin disease.  The Ambal is known as Thaiyal Nayagi. , To cure the irremediable diseases, Uma Parvathi appeared as Thaiyal nayagi with a bowl of herbal solution (sanjeevani)  and the holy soil under the Vilva tree.  The Lord Shiva appeared as Vaidyanathar ( the divine doctor) at this shrine. One of the nine planets, Angaraka (Mars), suffered from leprosy  and was cured by Vaidhyanatha swamy and from then on it is treated as one of the  Navagraha temples for planet Angaraka. Parvathi  asked her son,   Subramanya to appear with one face from his regular appearance of six faces. When he did so, she was pleased and presented him with Vel to slay the demons. Subramanya overcame the  demon Surapadman and in the war, his army was severely injured. Shiva came out as the healer Vaitheeswaran and cured the wounds.

Our next visit is to Kanjanur. It is a Sukra sthalam. At this temple, Agneeswarar is the presiding deity and  His consort is Karpagambal. Agni is said to have worshipped Lord Shiva and hence the name Agneeswarar. Lord Brahma was blessed with a vision of Shiva’s marriage with Parvathi here. The Brahma Lingam enshrined in this Temple is said to have been worshipped by Lord Brahma himself. There is no separate sannidhi  for Lord Sukra as Lord Shiva himself is believed to have incarnated as Venus here.

In our trip, next we went to Suriyanaar kovil. Lord Sun graces in the temple facing west with a Lotus on both hands accompanied by His consorts Ushadevi on the left and Pradhyushadevi on the right. Puranavaradheeswarar and his consort Mangalanayaki are the main deities here. In the sannidhi of Sun-God, Guru(Juiter) stands just opposite to Him. The other navagrahas are placed in outer prahara with separate sannidhis.   All the grahams face Surya Bhagawan in this temple. Sooriyanarkoil is one of the important and rare place which has temple for sun with all its family constituents.