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156. White horse in Karamadai Ranganathar temple

You might have heard about the famous Karamadai Ranganathar Temple. Some of you might have visited this temple also. I just want to tell an interesting fact about this temple.


At the time of British rule in India, a british engineer insisted to construct a railway line very near the temple. The local people disagreed as it will be difficult for them for the visitors. Moreover, at the time of festivals, thiru ula of the deity will be affected. The engineer did not accept the words of the public and proceeded with the work of laying railway line.The sincere devotees prayed to the God to stop the endeavour. God answered to the prayers.

On one day, Lord ranganatha swamy appeared in the dream of the engineer in a white horse and he got beats from the lord. The engineer got instructions from the lord to change the direction of the railway line. Next day he came to the temple and explained everything to them. He cancelled the proposal of constructing railway line near the temple. He also made a white horse in wood and donated to the temple.

Lord ranganathaswamy utsava murthy deity takes procession through the nearby streets in this wooden white horse only even now.  Please visit the temple and see the white horse.