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303.Healthy or tasty

I have read in a magazine recently that a young mother, while introducing solid food to the child, used to give food of sour and bitter taste also.  She used to give one fruit and one vegetable daily. While giving carrot she  tells  the child, “Oh, your eyes are becoming more bright and your vision is very sharp”. While giving broad beans (avaraikkai), she  tells, “Nobody can fight with you since you have taken  avaraikkai (which gives long life and which is known as enemy of yamadharma)”. While giving  okra(vendaikkai), she used to tell, ” Wow, your have become very smart and intelligent since you eat vendaikkai regularly”. While giving bitter gourd, “All the worms in your stomach will be killed and washed out. You will become more healthy”. While giving beet root, she tells, “See more blood is flowing in your body and you have become  strong”.  Like that for every fruit & vegetable, she  has an usual dialogue and the child captured everything quickly. After some months, the child started to say, “Mom, you forgot to give me bitter gourd for quite a long time and worms may enter my stomach”.

I don’t stand against giving tasty food to children. Tasty food can also be prepared using millets, fruits and vegetables. Adding more sugar and  masala can be avoided. Occassionally,  children may be allowed to taste bakery items, chocolates, biscuits, icecream, noodles, fried items  and fast food, in a very small quantity. While giving these items we should say, “See these are all not good for health. But, when all others take these items, you may get the temptation to eat. So, eat them rarely in small quantities”.

I want to know your opinion regarding this topic.