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464. Kasi Yathra – IV

After visitng Kasi Viswanathar, we moved to visit Annapoorani Devi, the Goddess of Food.  There was a golden idol of the Annapurna Matha in the Annapurna temple.  Annapurna temple has a huge crowd of pilgrims at the occasion of Annacoot. Annacoot festival is celebrated in India every year after Diwali. On the occasion of Annacoot, coins are distributed to all the devotees. It is considered that whoever will worship this coin, he will be blessed by the Annapurna Matha for his successful and prosperous life. Annapurna Matha is the Goddess of the Varanasi city who always protects the Kashi and fulfill His devotees with the food.

Once, Lord Shiva said to the Goddess Parvathi that the whole world is an illsion and the food is the part of that known as ‘Maya’. The Goddess of food, Matha Parvathi became very angry and She had to show the importance of all the material, in order to that She had vanished all things from the world. In the absence of food from the earth, the earth became infertile and everyone had suffered from the deep hunger. She had to reappear in the world by seeing His devotees suffering from the deep hunger. She, then made a kitchen in the holy city, Varanasi. Lord Shiva too came to Her and said that I understand that the material can never be sent away as an illusion. Matha Parvathi became very happy and offered food to the Lord Shiva with her own hands. From that time Matha Parvathi is worshiped as an Annapurna means the Goddess of Food. It is considered that She does not eat a little bit till the time Her devotees have not been fed in Her temple.

After visiting  temples, as much as we can, we got very much tired, walked slowly. We caught an auto after 10 minutes and reached our place of stay. We had dinner and went for sleep at about 11 PM.

Next day morning our tour organiser has arranged for doing srartham in Uttaradi Mutt. After having meals, we went to a nearby shop for purchasing Kasi Gangajal Sombu, Annapoorani vigraha, Vishnu Padam and Gomuki chakra stone. You might have known about other things. I will just tell a few words about the Gomuki chakra stone. Found in the Gomathi River, the Gomati chakra stones are popular remedies for many problems people face in their day to day lives. Gomati Chakra is a white coloured stone with small circles seen on one side of the stone and the chakras are considered to be a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi. Gomati Chakra resembles the Sudarshan Chakra or Discus of Lord Krishna. According to many Vaishnavas and oral tradition in Northern India, the Gomathi Shilas were once part of Lord Krishna’s palaces in Dwaraka. They were used to adorn the walls and floor of many of Sri Krishna’s palaces. The Gomathi chakra stone can be used in innumerable ways to fix problems in one’s life. It is used as a Yantra and also is used in worships. It is believed that those people who possess Gomathi Chakra will be blessed with money, good health and prosperity. Gomathi Chakra Shilas are used along with Shaligrams in some special worship.The “Salagrama-Kosha” quotes that when Shaligram and Gomati Chakra are placed together and worshipped, the mass of sin will be burned down. Gomati Chakra Shilas are also used as protective amulet for children. Gomati shilas brings in wealth and good health.

OK, I will continue with more interesting news about our travel, in my next blog.