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446. Organising home – II

We have already seen organising of Living room, Kitchen, Dining room and Bed room, in my previous blog. Let us see how to organise other rooms in the house.

Children”s Room : Nowadays children don’t even want to share room with their own siblings. They need privacy. If the children are young, they can share the room. First of all, we have to ask the children to keep the room clean, by themselves. The wall paper should be attractive and we have to allow the children to choose them. Individual cup-boards and drawers should be given to each child, if they share the room. The bed should be comfortable and neat. We have to transform our kid’s room with inspiring designs and individualised touches to create a magical place. We have to open up a whole new world of exciting styling possibilities for our child’s room, from adorable nursery ideas to cool teenage bedroom ideas.

Guest Room :  It is better to have a guest room in the house, than sharing our own bed room. Preparing for and hosting house guests can be a very enjoyable experience. There is something satisfying about helping our visitors feel especially welcome and comfortable. We have to keep a quality bed and mattress for the guests. We have to leave a cupboard empty for the guest to keep their things. We should not dump our things in the guest room. Good lighting, fan and AC should also be there. The attached bath should be neat with facilities like water heater, wash basin and mirror.

Garage :  The garage is a pace for keeping the vehicles only. Some people use it as a store room to keep the unwanted things there. Periodical cleaning should be done to keep the garage clean. Proper lighting should be there.

Whether our house is small or big, we should organise it very neatly by keeping all the things in the right place and throwing away the unwanted things then and there.

Enjoy happy living.