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212. Effects of wearing skin tight clothes

Nowadays it is common among youngsters to wear skin tight clothes. They think that they look pretty in that dress. They feel that then only others will call them as young, slim and beautiful.  They want a stunning look with stylish outfits and dresses of latest designs  where they can fit their body in that outfit and squeeze themselves for the whole day. It will be very difficult to breath and eat anything.

Do they know that it is hazardous to health? The part of the body which has been covered tightly is getting affected due to lack of blood circulation. If the person continues to wear such dress for hours together continuously daily, very soon he/she may have to get admitted in the hospital.

The skin allergy and infection will be very common among such people. The suffocation may result in severe sweating and fainting. The dresses which presses the stomach may cause abdominal problems. Those who wear skin tight jeans may get nervous disorder problems such as numb, tingling, irritating or burning sensation. Some people may get back pain problem also.

We should educate the youngsters not to invite such problems by wearing skin tight clothes.