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456. My visit to places in December 2018-I

During the last week of December 2018, I visited some places with my sister’s family. We started in our car and first went to Dharapuram Hanumantha Rayar temple. The Famous kadu Hanumantharaya swamy temple, Dharapuram was installed by Sri Vyasaraja Theertharu.  The Swamy’s right hand blesses the devotees and left hand carries the flower Sowganthi. People from all over India visit this place year around and it is believed that everyone’s wishes come true by the grace of Sri Hanumantha here.

Next, we went straightaway to Eachamalai Mahalakshmi temple.    As per Periapuranam,  when Kurumba Nayanar came to know that Lord Shiva decided to recall  his guru Sundaramurthy Nayanar to Kailash, Kurumba Nayanar decided to reach Kailash before his guru, with the help of Yogas  as he could not live on earth, in the absence of his guru.

Shri Aadhi Mahalakshmi was the family deity of Kurumba Nayanar. She came from the milk ocean when Asuras and Devas churn milk ocean. Lord Vishnu  was distributing Nectar to Devas  and poison to Demons. One demon named Andhakasura slipped  to avoid poison, he saw Mahalakshmi and started to chase Her. She reached gMettur Mahadhanapuram,  where Kurumbas were grazing their cattle.  Goddess Mahalakshmi hid Herself inside a hole.  Ravana  was doing penance there. He thought that Mahalakshmi came there to kill him. So, he left for Lanka and Andhakasura chose Ravana’s place for hiding.

Kurumbas looked with surprise when Mahalakshmi consumed the sheep’s milk. They dig a wet place and found Mahalakshmi in Suyambu Roopa. She asked the Kurumbas to protect Her from the demon. Kurumbas covered Her with woolen cloth. Andhakasura fought with Kurumbas and captured Mahalakshmi. When the kurumbas started to break three-eyed coconut in their heads, worshipping Lord Shiva, He appeared and saved Mahalakshmi. This place is called Eachamalai.

Eachamalai is located in the outskirts of Poomparai village, 18 KMs from Kodaikanal town. More than for the spiritual reasons, the temple is popular for its scenic beautiful surroundings.  This temple is built as per Kerala Architectural style. We can visit once this place to have the darshan of Goddess Mahalakshmi and enjoy the beauty.

Next, we came to Namakkal and had the darshan of Lord Narasimhar and Lord Anjaneya. I will continue the details of visit in my next blog.