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445. Organising home – I

Everybody likes to live in an organised home. Having an organized home is very different than merely having a clean home. Yes, they are both vital to maintaining a happy, comfortable living space, but it takes a bit of creativity and smartness to implement easy ways to keep all our  belongings in their rightful place — and not all over the floor.

Living Room : While designing the layout of our living room, we have to think about how we will likely move through the room and ensure that our furniture layout doesn’t interrupt the natural flow of traffic.  We can plan the seating arrangement to maximize space utilization. Accordingly, we can put sofa and chairs. Also, we have to install some ceiling shelves to store books, picture frames and showcase items. An adjustable table helps us to reduce space. We have to keep TV, sofa and little furniture only so that the living room will give a neat look.

Kitchen :  The modular kitchen helps us to organise the kitchen things in a neat way so that nothing is visible explicitly. We have to arrange our kitchenware by frequency of use, with everyday dishes on an easy-to-reach lower shelf and special-occasion pieces up above.  We have to create a cooking zone around the stove, storing pots and pans as close to the range as possible. We should not keep refrigerator in the kitchen. Drawer organizers keep cutlery neatly separated, so we never have to rummage around for what we need.

Dining Room : We have to keep the size of the dining table optimum. It should not be too big or too small. We should keep the refrigerator in the dining room only. The cutlery rack should also be kept in the dining room only. We should not keep irrelevant things on the dining table. The dining room is where the family should end their day… sharing how their day went, making memories!

Bed Room :  Our day begins and ends in the bedroom, so keeping it organized will also keep us sane. Overflowing drawers, floors in disarray, and a cluttered bed will leave us feeling frazzled. An organized closet is the heart of a well-kept bedroom.   We have to go through our clothes and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit or that we haven’t worn in the past few years. We should not hesitate to give the clothes in good condition to the needy people. We have to fold everything in our clothing drawers neatly. We have to use a drawer divider for smaller items like  inwares, socks, lingerie, and belts.

I will talk more about other rooms in y next blog.