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375. Digital Amnesia

digital amnesia

What is Digital Amnesia?  An over-reliance and dependability on using computers & search engines are weakening the memory of the human beings. This happens due to constant advancement of technology.  The continuous progress and evolution of technology in terms of hardware, software, operating systems and methods of digital encoding guarantees the possibility that digital amnesia will become a problem in the near future.

Smartphones have transformed our lives. They connect us to the people and things we care about and place information at our fingertips. It’s not just our behavior that’s adapting;   our brains are too.  The process of recalling information is a very efficient way to create a permanent memory. In contrast, passively repeating information, such as repeatedly looking it up on the internet, does not create a solid, lasting memory trace in the same way.     People are ready to forget important information in the belief that it can be immediately retrieved from a digital device.

Is there any way to overcome  “Digital Amnesia?” Yes, where there is a will, there is a way. When it comes to phone numbers, research has shown that our memories are not terribly good. While 49% of people could not remember their parents’ phone numbers, 71% could not recall their children’s numbers.  Mnemonics are an excellent tool for translating information into a more easily remembered format, and rely on a combination of processes.  Chunking  involves breaking information down into smaller ‘chunks’ so that it is easier to remember.  Brain games are also a brilliant way to keep your memory working well. Even incredibly simple things such as the Tray Game are very effective.   Playing brain games such as chess, Sudoku and bingo is a great way to give your brain a workout and prevent it from succumbing to digital amnesia!

Be cautious and prevent yourself from  Digital Amnesia.