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225. Cloud computing

We used to store our data in our personal computer. Cloud computing means a type of internet based computing application. The name “cloud”  is used to represent internet in diagrams and flowcharts. So, cloud computing means hosting services over internet.

Instead of storing data in hard disk, we can store and access data through internet. With an online connection, cloud computing can be done anywhere at anytime. Some businesses use Software as a service(SaaS).  Some other use a platform as a service(PaaS). The third one is very popular as it uses infrastructure as a service(IaaS).

The companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google provide a backbone which are rented to other companies for their use. The cloud computing applies traditional supercomputing to perform tens of trillions of computations per second in customer based applications.

Multiple users can use a single server, for accessing their data and using several applications without the need of  purchasing licence for applications. The main attractions in cloud computing are its scalability and flexibility. The end user needs to pay only for the resources he used.

A public cloud is a cloud in which the services are offered off-site. In a private cloud, the services are provided through a private network, which are not accessible to others. The headaches of managing hardware and software are totally avoided in cloud computing.