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264. El-Nino effect

Normally, northeast monsoon brings heavy rain in the southern coastal region in Tamil Nadu, during November and December every year. But, in the year 2015, Tamil Nadu state was badly affected by  torrential rain. The extremely heavy spells of rain is due to the El-Nino effect.

In 2015, the temperature of East pacific ocean got warm up highly and the Indian ocean & Bay of Bengal  have cold temperature. Cyclone is caused when the Sea Surface Temperature(SST) is warm. Normally cyclones forming in Central Bay of Bengal due to warm weather, will move in northwest direction towards Andra Pradesh & Orissa coast. But, this year Central bay of Bengal remained cool.

But, weather in South Bay of Bengal became warm causing heavy rain in Tamil Nadu coastal regions.  The concept of storm-water drains was abandoned in Chennai due to development activities.  So, the city has got no space for the water to flow out. We should learn a lesson to do the right thing to protect us from natural calamities.




258. Rain rain go away

Chennai people are crying as the whole city is surrounded with water. Heavy rain for the past ten days lashed brought the city to a virtual standstill. All the roads are waterlogged  and people cannot use any vehicle on the road. Even walking on the road is risky. The rail traffic is hit.

There was no current supply in many areas. The schools and colleges remain shut and the students are watching the TV news very seriously. The Army, Air Force, The Coast Guard and the public have joined hands in rescue operations.

Arrangement has been made to air-drop drinking water and food in worst-hit areas. Boats and helicopters carried people to safe places. IT companies have given employees the option of flexible work shift  and work from home.

We have to learn the lesson to safeguard the city in future from such natural calamities, as there will be heavy rain and storm in every November.