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207. Book review – The curse of the dark forest

I am a book lover.For a writer, writing is an outlet to build his legacy.   I am very much pleased on reading the short story written by Suklesh Rao. The title “The curse of the dark forest” has created anxiety and excitement to read the story immediately.

The story justifies the title very well. Five young school boys studying in IX standard go for a trekking expedition through a dark forest along with their teacher. All the other boys are frightened to join the trip as there was a myth that whoever enters the dark forest will never return. They miss the  van driver, conductor and teacher on the way.

The brave five boys face lot of problems and left alone many times in the forest. The suspense and thrill travel throughout the story which make reading of the story more interesting.

The happy ending pleases us and gives us a feeling of reading a good story.  The thrill and suspense make us to sit and complete reading of  the book at one stretch. It is a real treat to readers of all ages. We become children on reading such stories.

I hope you will also enjoy. Suklesh is the  son of my niece Sujatha. I wish and bless Suklesh to continue his journey of writing and give us many more treats. .