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265. Bhagavat Gita

Bhagavat Gita is considered as the holy book of Hindus.  All the essential things required for leading a meaningful life is given in it. Let us see some of the important points.

We should do our work sincerely without bothering about the result.

Even after death, the soul exists. We need not pay much attention to the outer body. We should care about the satisfaction of the inner soul.

Everyone has to leave the world and nobody is immortal.

Whatever happened so far is good, what is happening now is good and what will happen in the future is also good.

All the things in this world change with time. We have to go ahead accepting all changes.

While taking birth, we didn’t bring anything to this world and while dying also, we cannot carry anything with us. Whatever we use is taken from this world only. The things possessed by us now were possessed by somebody else in the past and will be possessed by somebody else in the future.

All our acts are to be dedicated to the supreme God. God is everywhere and we all are only puppets in His hands.

We are only spectators in this world. We should not tie ourselves with the chain of desires.

Meditation is most important to attain inner peace.

I have mentioned some points only from Bhagavat Gita.  It is an ocean and we have to read some slokas/chapters whenever we find time(we should make time).  Enjoy!