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205. Maintaining healthy skin

Our outer surface of the skin is seen by others. If we keep it healthy, we get confidence to move freely in the society. The outer skin performs lot of works for us like protecting from outward changes in the atmosphere, dirt, bacteria and ultra violet rays of the sun.

People in India should be very careful in protecting the skin against these factors as the temperature will be very high in summer. We should try to keep the outer skin soft without any breaks. Just like other parts of the body, skin also needs a healthy diet. We all know fresh fruits and vegetables only can save us from all the problems.

We have to  take 2 litres of water,  cut fruits or fresh juice(without sugar), vegetable salad and cooked vegetables daily. We have to spend time to wash the skin atleast twice a day. At home, we can avoid putting cream or face powder. While going out, of course, we have to use them a little. Before going to bed, it is better to wash them away.

The skin should not be get exposed to sunlight for a long time. Taking a cup of green tea will help to get a healthy skin. I used to apply packs using neem leaves, thulasi, milk cream and multhani mitti. Sometimes I take pieces of carrot, tomato, papaya, 1/2 tsp besan(kadalai mavu), one tsp curd and grind it to a paste. I apply this  on face, neck and hands & wash after half an hour.

I don’t know whether my skin becomes healthy but I get freshness by doing this. Take steps to maintain your health in your own way.