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505. How to be positive in negative situation

Nobody can live happily forever. Tough situations come in everybody’s life. We should always be ready to face any failure or defame.  We should make up our mind to face any negative situation.

If we are surrounded by troubles and discomfort from all sides, we should train our mind to be calm first. We should practice yoga, get good sleep and take rest.  We should have a positive group of people around us to create positive energy. We should not forget to encourage them, when they face tough situations. We should remember and thank the people with us in such situations. Your brain may try to pull you to react harshly but we should retrain our brain not to do so. We can start anything and everything once again from scratch.

Physical and mental exercises keep us fresh and help us to overcome our sorrows.  We should positively accept the defeat and analyse the cause. We have to think about the solution for coming out from the negative situation.  We have to focus on solutions and not on problems. We should try to replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts. We should not take anything personally and avoid taking any wrong conclusion.

If our mental attitude is positive, we can take positive actions to find a solution.  We should not try to escape from the situation to escape from the problem. Adverse conditions make up a large part of our life as it teaches us how to deal with specific circumstances.  If we had no negative emotions, then  our life will be more colourful. We can make a negative situation into a positive situation.

We should not blame anything or anybody for anything. We should take the responsibility to solve the problem.  If any negative thoughts come in mind at that time, we should be gentle in driving them out from the mind. Others cannot make ourselves to feel negative. If we allow, then only it can happen. So, we have to keep our mind strong.

The optimistic attitude will definitely bring success. Nobody and nothing can stop it. We have to talk to ourselves and encourage ourselves to react positively. We should not think about adversity and failure while putting our efforts to restore. We should be firm and should not listen to any negative thoughts, until we succeed. Go ahead.