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273. Hanuman Jayanthi


We celebrate Hanuman Jayanthi on Margashirsha amavaasya divas.  Sometimes Moola Nakshathra coincides  correctly  on this day.  We all know that the devotees flock from morning to evening on this day, to have the darshan of Hanumanji.

Lord Hanuman is considered as the incarnation of Lord Shiva.  He is a perfect example of sincere devotion and dedication to Lord Rama. We get knowledge, strength, wisdom and success by worshipping Lord Hanuman. Many people worship Him to get rid of fear about ghosts and devils.  Moreover, He can save us from any kind of hurdles and obstructions in life.

In Ramayana, Hanuman saved 9 planets from the clutches of King Ravana. That is why people worship Hanuman  to safeguard from the  badluck or misfortune of any planet. In Mahabharatha, Arjuna requested Hanuman to stay on his flag  so that none can beat him.

All the Gods have given their power to Anjaneya and blessed Him that no weapon in this world can harm Him. He is worshipped by shivites and vaishnavites.

We can worship this supreme brahmachari by chanting “Hanuman Chalisa“.  Butter, Vadamalai and  vetrilai malai are the special offerings to Hanuman by his devotees.

Please worship Hanuman  so that you and your family will get peace, harmony, good health and prosperity.