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240. My writings – 2

When I started to write short stories, many monthly and weekly magazines were publishing short stories. I used to wait and purchase “Ananda Vikatan” and “Kalki” to read the short stories.

But, nowadays we see that magazines give little space for short stories and they publish short stories rarely. The theme based stories are being neglected by many magazines. Moreover, some magazines publish stories of popular authors only. I heard that recommendation also works out in some magazines.

My second short story got published in Ananda vikatan magazine and the third one in Kalki again, simultaneously. Many gentlemen show their power at home after retirement and women also need retirement from home, at times. This is the theme of my story “retirement”. Another story in kalki is based on an usual comedy  which normally happens in many houses. Cable networks and Internet were not introduced at that time and people used to wait for cinemas shown in TV DD channel.  From the beginning, I have decided not to write my own experience or my relatives’/friends’ experience. On reading newspapers/books or seeing/hearing some incidents in society, we may get spark. I use this spark in my stories sometime and some stories are based on my full imagination.1992_AV(26-01)_Retirement 1992_Kalki(20_01)_TVCinema