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466. Kasi Yathra – VI

In Kasi, our visits were over and we saw in two days as much as we can. On the second day night by 12 AM, we were asked to get ready. We travelled by bus to Gaya. It was really a tedious journey. As we were the first persons to book for the trip, we got seat in the front row. We could reach Gaya after travelling for nearly 8 hours.

We were accomodated in  Udupi Mutt, in Gaya. We were given coffee and asked to get ready for Srartha. It took a long time, as about 20 people participated. Immediately, we all were taken by walk through very narrow lanes and huge crowd to offer Pind to our ancesstors. There is nothing better than paying tribute to our ancestors soul. I felt like on a journey, after end of our life.

The pind daan has to be offered in three places. First, we went to  Phalgu River. My husband and other male members carried the balls and perform the pooja on the banks of the river, which was almost dry.  Next, at , the male members carry the balls and perform the pooja in the temple complex. Finally, they offer it at the feet of Lord Vishnu. A big size Vishnu Pad is kept there. The third place is Akshay Vat tree. The Pind balls are kept under the tree, with prayers.

After making small purchases, we returned to Udupi Mutt by walk and had our lunch directly, by 3 PM. After taking rest for sometime, we started by bus to Allahabad.  The distance from Gaya was about 380 KM and it took nearly 10 hours travel.  We stayed in Swaminarayan Mandir Dharamshala.  After taking bath and wearing new sari, we started for visiting some temples and doing Veni dana.

Nagvasuki Temple, located in Daraganj is situated on the banks of the River Ganges. Dedicated to Vasuki, who was the king of serpents, this temple is visited by large number of tourists every year. A fair is held every year near this temple on the occasion of Nag Panchami. We can see here statues of many legendery characters like Bhishm Pitamah, the great warrior of Mahabharata. This is one of the most ancient temples of Allahabad.

Another temple we visited was Veni Madhav temple, located in  proximity to the Prayag Ghat is situated on the banks of river Ganges. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu or Narayana and to Lakshmi, who was the wife of Narayana. Believed to be blessed with the presence of idols of God Vishnu and his wife Lakshmi, this temple is also known as LakshmiNarayana temple.

Finally, we visited Alopi Devi temple. This temple is regarded to be one of the 18 shaktipeeths and also the holliest of them all. The uniqueness of the temple lies in the fact that there is no statue of the Deity that is worshipped here. In the sanctom sanctorum of the Alopi Devi Temple, lies a wooden cot, also known as “doli” of the new bride. It is this wooden craft that is devotedly worshipped by the people from all over the country. According to the Hindu belief, while Lord Shiva was grieviously travelling through the skies with the burnt body of his wife Sathi, Lord Vishnu threw his chakra at the corpse in order to relieve Lord Shiva from his pain. The various places where the body parts fell were sanctified and deemed as “Shaktipeeths”. Alopi Devi temple is the place where the last part fell, marking the disappearance of Sathi. Hence this place came to be known as Alopi which means disappeared.

Finally, we we left in a place where puja for Veni Dhan was performed The puja took place for more than 1 hour. The Pandit said the Manthras in a very fast manner and we followed & did puja  as per his instructions. Finally, we carried the items of Morathubayana and walked with the boatman. We travelled in a boat for about half an hour to a place called Sangam, where many boats like us gathered.

We had to cross three boats, parked nearby and reached a platform, where we took a bath in Thriveni Sangam and did veni dhana.  We showed morathubayana to the rivers.. Again, we came back, gave  the morathubayana, dakshin etc to the pandit and returned to our place, for taking lunch. After lunch, we visited Ananda Bhavan, the house of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.  Finally, we started to Allahabad railway station. We came by train from there to Jansi. From Jansi we caught another train to Coimbatore.

The trip was really good and we could see many places.