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344. 20 rupees doctor


Dr. V. Balasubramanian, who only charged Rs.20 for his patient’s treatment was a physician who ran a clinic at Coimbatore was known as “20 rupees doctor”. He died at his residence at Singanallur on 18-11-2016. On hearing about his death, people in and around Avarampalayam, where he had set up his clinic, lit candles to pay homage.

The doctor charged only Rs. 20 and that sometimes included a dose of injections or tablets. He would take about five minutes for a patient, listen to their complaints and then prescribe medicines. Sometimes, the crowd used to be so heavy that he would shut shop only by 10.30 p.m.

He was working in ESI Coimbatore and after his retirement, he started serving the poor. The doctor’s death would be a loss to the people as he provided treatment at a cost that many wouldn’t get elsewhere. Since some of his patients were too poverty stricken, Dr. Bala Subramanian even went to the extent to spend money from his own pocket to buy them medicines. He never took even a single day of leave because he did not want to let down his patients.

The streets of Sidhapudur near Gandhipuram in Coimbatore overflowed with people on Sunday morning, as thousands descended to pay their respects to the much-beloved “20-rupees doctor”. Even as Coimbatore has grown as a centre of super-specialty medical services, for thousands of poor people in the city, Dr V Balasubramaniam was their saviour.

Let us do small monetary and physical help to the needy poor by following his footsteps.