336. Why India struggles to win medals in Olympics?

Every four years every Indian dreams that his/her country should  win atleast some medals in Olympics. But, with much difficulty some sportspersons come forward to save the pride of India.  At that time the State Government and the Central Government announces some prize money for winning medals in Olympics. Is it enough?

What is the reason for this struggle?  Many sportspersons come from economically weaker section. Many people give up sports for lack of money/sponsorship for training and participating in events. The common reasons we hear are poor stamina, poor diet, poor infrastructures and poor physique. Can we overcome all these and prepare ourselves to give a tough fight to our opponents in next olympics. Our sportspersons are rarely upto the mark compared to our opponents who come well prepared. They seem to be more confident, more fit mentally and physically.

Our intention is not to find fault with our people. it is proved that  Indians are more intelligent than others. We have to find a proper solution to this problem, using our brain. First, expert committee consisting of experts in each and every type of sport/event of olympics, state level as well as nation level  has to be formed. The state level experts team has to visit all districts in the state and conduct sport events in all types of games for school/college students. They have to select talented people in an unbiased manner. All the selected sportspersons are to be given training facilities and dedicated coaches, free of cost. The expert committee should test their talents every month and polish & improve the talents in a good way. The studies by private coaching has to be arranged for these persons,   at free of cost. In addition, the family of these children should get some financial support throughout the year.The expenditure for participating in sports event has to be borne by the Government.

Those who are talented and crossed the age of a student should be given full time training  free of cost. The selection for this group has also to be done first at state level and then at centre level. As the earning member of the family has come out for training, The State as well as Central Government should give sufficient amount to the family every month. For them also, all expenditure related to participation in sports events at national and international level, has to be borne by the Government.

If our sportspersons are given proper attention,  our country will get more medals in next olympics.

311. Muhammad Ali

Mohammad Ali

We regard Muhammad Ali as the greatest sporting figure of 20th century.  His outspoken nature on controversial issues brought him many problems. But, this olympic gold medalist never cared about anything. This former American heavy weight champion boxer lives in the hearts of his fans, even after his death.

He used to say,” I know where I am going, I know the truth and I don’t have to be what you want me to be. Suffer now by severe training and live the rest of your life as a champion. He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life. You float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Service to others is the rent you pay for your room on earth. A man who views  the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of life”.

His words inspired many people. They tried to walk in his foot steps. After his olympic victory, he was heralded as an American hero. He was a political, social religious activist. Till end, he was the beloved human as the world knew.

Mohammad Ali had an unique personality based on self-belief and strong convictions. In 1999, he was crowned “Sportsman of the Century“, by Sports Illustrated. He won the World Heavy weight championship three times, North American Boxing Federation championship apart from Olympic gold medal.  He received  a special one-off award from the BBC at its annual BBC Sports Personality of the Century award. He was named as the “Kentucky Athlete of the century“. He received Presidential medal of freedom at a white house ceremony.

After retirement, Ali devoted much of his time to philanthropy. He announced that he had Parkinson’s disease in 1984, a degenerative neurological condition, and was involved in raising funds for the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Mohammad Ali died on 3rd June 2016, from a respiratory illness, a condition that was complicated by Parkinson’s disease. Nobody can forget this eccentrically genius boxer.


200. Power twins Nungshi and Tashi

Indians are very proud about “2 for 7” sisters.  What is this 2 for 7? The twin sisters Nungshi and Tashi have fixed target to climb the  tall peaks in the 7 continents.

First they have climbed kilimanjaro peak in thansania country(Africa’s highest peak). Then, they succeeded in climbing the Everest peak(India’s and Asia’s highest peak)  in India. Next they touched Virgin peak which is another peak of Himalayas  of  height 21000 feet. Their other achievements  are climbing the Mount Elbrus(Europe’s highest peak), Mount Mc Kinley(North America’s highest peak),  Mount Aconcagua(Highest peak in South America), Mount Vinson in Antartica  and Carstensz Pyramid(Australia’s highest peak).

The twin sisters are receiving greetings from all over the world for their achievements. They are giving encouragement to young girls who are interested in outdoor sports. They  are chosen as ambassadors for the movement, “Protect the  girl children”.  They have created Guinness record of being first twin sisters to climb Mount Everest together.

These Uther Pradesh based twins feel that  mountains do not discriminate male and female gender.  They became world’s first twins to reach the South Pole together on skies. From the young age they took part in all the sports and they got full support from their parents to fulfill their dreams. Let us greet these young girls to get more and more success in life.

197. History maker Sania Mirza

We are really worried that Indians have forgotten all other sports except cricket. Sania Mirza, 28 years old female tennis player  has awaken Indians by creating a new history. The unbridled joy floated throughout the country when Sania Mirza paired with Switzerland’s Martina Hingis, won the doubles in wimbleton. Many people  doubted whether this pair will get through. The contrasting strengths united to bring the victory. When the talents synchronized correctly, the result was wonderful.

The Economic Times already had put the name of Sania Mirza in the list of 33 women who made India proud. When Sania Mirza told, “Me and my racket  both are jumping with joy”, many Indians would have joined to jump in the air. She has faced joyful moments as well as tough times before.

Common people and media criticized her many times. Many young girls would have  got inspiration on seeing her victory.  The talented young girls who are having interest in tennis as well as bold in nature to face any hurdle  can keep Sania Mirza as role model and proceed. India is developing in many fields but we want more victories in the sports field.

Getting sponsorship  for sports is a problem in India. Only well known persons are getting help. Many talents remain unnoticed  in the country which can shine if proper attention is given. We want many more Sania Mirzas in India.

118. How to manage threenagers?

You may wonder that there is typo error in the title and I am talking about teenagers. I will talk about teenagers later. Now I wish to talk about threenagers ie three year old kids. The parents will be very happy as the child starts to talk in full sentences at this age. Many Indian kids would be attending pre-KG class  or play schools. They will do all the experiments at home with the experience they had at school.

The parents have to play the roll of student in the teacher-student game with the child. The parents get immense pleasure on seeing the playful activities of the child. They will be talking about this all the time until the other person starts to run.

OK, let us come to the point. Many times the threenager threaten us that unless we buy new toy/dress/chocolate/icecream  he/she wants, he/she  will say a big “NO” to our words. It will be very difficult to make him/her to eat anything. While moving in the market place, he/she  will  fly away suddenly from our hands and enter any shop nearby. We have to keep enough money to buy the toy required by the child.

After reaching home, the child will throw away the new toy simply to a corner and starts to play with old toys. Another problem is when the guests come, sometimes the kids will behave properly and most of the times they behave badly. We have to control our anger until the guests leave. After that the child behaves very softly in a good mood so that we won’t get the mood to scold or beat the child.

If we try to show anger, some children of today simply pack their things and start to leave home. This is the effect of seeing megaserials along with elders. They repeat the dialogue they hear daily in TV, “I am leaving home. I don’t know where I am going. I will never come back”.  The parents hearing such words will become nervous.

Some children say, “I don’t like you ma. You are not loving me. All the time you are putting commands like, “Get up soon and get ready to school”, “Eat fully. You will get strength only if you eat properly”,  “Don’t play all the time. Have you finished  homework”,  “See my friend’s mother won’t behave like you. Behave properly” etc.

We have to approach them with lot of patience. We have to speak kind words all the time and bring them to our control. We should not lose heart. It is our problem and we have to manage it correctly.  Cheer up.

104. Karate for all

We need to protect ourselves when we are in danger. We have to teach our children karate from the very young age. The character building gets refined when they learn karate. They learn to be well-disciplined, they show courteous behavior and give respect to elders. The learning process itself is a fun. They have to follow the instructions of the master and learn the art correctly.

By learning a martial art, we can live safely and happily. Karate is suitable for all ages. The age, experience or fitness are not to be seen for learning karate. By learning karate, we learn self-defence, fitness, flexibility, co-ordination, balancing and boldness. We need not go for fighting with others by learning karate as it is a self-defence art.

Now the society is not at all safe for kids and women. They have to go out alone for studies and work. They have to safeguard themselves and return safely to home. The should learn to solve the problems faced outside. So, if they know karate they get physical and strength to hit the hurdles. The young girls are affected by eve-teasers. Only solution for them is to learn and use karate. The martial art karate is suitable for all ages.

34. Street cricket

street cricket

Now we are watching cricket match on TV and internet. Previously the commentary on radio was a real entertainment for cricket lovers. At that time many people won’t get the chance to see the match live. The street cricket they play and see was helpful in fulfilling the thirst.

All the big players now have started their play by playing in street matches in the beginning. We see many poor children who are having the thirst to come up as a world level player spend their time in playing cricket in the streets. All are not getting the chance or sponsor to become a big player.

The rules in street cricket are relaxed. They play with any ball they get. The bat and pad are considered as luxury. The team won’t have 11 players and the over may not contain 6 runs. But, the interest the players show are really enjoyable. The substitutes may also come at any time. many players in the team may not be knowing what a cricket match is. Some people may become commentator and keeping a paper roll near the mouth, they imitate radio commentators.

The liveliness and entertainment we got is more than watching matches through TV. Now we sit throughout the day before TV to watch cricket matches. But, are we getting the real pleasure we get through street cricket. On a train journey our eyes will get a feast on seeing a street cricket for few seconds. We may not see the fate of the ball but the pleasure we get on seeing it is incomparable. In India all the young boys get inspiration to play street cricket atleast for some years, in school days. Even the young kid play street cricket just by striking the ball of his elder brother once or twice. We have to encourage the children who play and make them feel happy by watching their match.