375. Digital Amnesia

digital amnesia

What is Digital Amnesia?  An over-reliance and dependability on using computers & search engines are weakening the memory of the human beings. This happens due to constant advancement of technology.  The continuous progress and evolution of technology in terms of hardware, software, operating systems and methods of digital encoding guarantees the possibility that digital amnesia will become a problem in the near future.

Smartphones have transformed our lives. They connect us to the people and things we care about and place information at our fingertips. It’s not just our behavior that’s adapting;   our brains are too.  The process of recalling information is a very efficient way to create a permanent memory. In contrast, passively repeating information, such as repeatedly looking it up on the internet, does not create a solid, lasting memory trace in the same way.     People are ready to forget important information in the belief that it can be immediately retrieved from a digital device.

Is there any way to overcome  “Digital Amnesia?” Yes, where there is a will, there is a way. When it comes to phone numbers, research has shown that our memories are not terribly good. While 49% of people could not remember their parents’ phone numbers, 71% could not recall their children’s numbers.  Mnemonics are an excellent tool for translating information into a more easily remembered format, and rely on a combination of processes.  Chunking  involves breaking information down into smaller ‘chunks’ so that it is easier to remember.  Brain games are also a brilliant way to keep your memory working well. Even incredibly simple things such as the Tray Game are very effective.   Playing brain games such as chess, Sudoku and bingo is a great way to give your brain a workout and prevent it from succumbing to digital amnesia!

Be cautious and prevent yourself from  Digital Amnesia.

364. Why girls demand dowry?

Many Indian boys demanded dowry from the girl’s family saying that it is a family custom. Moreover, the boy’s parents have spent money for bringing up the boy to a high position. Nowadays, we see many young Indian girls are pretty, educated,  smart and working. They have the capacity to nurture even a big family. Now, the girl and her parents started to oppose the dowry system and we are happy to note that the boy and his parents feel ashamed to ask for dowry.  So, we felt that we are going to put a fullstop to dowry system.

Suddenly, there is a shocking news we heard. Some girls demand dowry from her parents  at the time of marriage in the form of money,  jewels, house property, household articles and bank deposit. Why they think like this? Many girls feel insecured and they think that they will get due respect from in-laws only if  they bring wealth from parents. Moreover, they are not sure whether they can lead a smooth life with the boy throughout their life. If anything bad happens in future, the wealth will help them to lead a safe life.

The girls say that they were not given equal treatment in their own family. The boys in the family are given good education, food and other facilities but these are refused by parents for the girls. The parents say that they cannot spend much for the girl, as they have to spend lot of money for her marriage.

Are the boys and his parents are not trustworthy persons?  There are some families who treat the girl as Goddess Lakshmi and her entry into the family alone is enough.  If every family start to think like this, then the question of dowry will vanish from the minds of boy, his parents, girl and her parents. Let us try to create this feeling among us.

344. 20 rupees doctor


Dr. V. Balasubramanian, who only charged Rs.20 for his patient’s treatment was a physician who ran a clinic at Coimbatore was known as “20 rupees doctor”. He died at his residence at Singanallur on 18-11-2016. On hearing about his death, people in and around Avarampalayam, where he had set up his clinic, lit candles to pay homage.

The doctor charged only Rs. 20 and that sometimes included a dose of injections or tablets. He would take about five minutes for a patient, listen to their complaints and then prescribe medicines. Sometimes, the crowd used to be so heavy that he would shut shop only by 10.30 p.m.

He was working in ESI Coimbatore and after his retirement, he started serving the poor. The doctor’s death would be a loss to the people as he provided treatment at a cost that many wouldn’t get elsewhere. Since some of his patients were too poverty stricken, Dr. Bala Subramanian even went to the extent to spend money from his own pocket to buy them medicines. He never took even a single day of leave because he did not want to let down his patients.

The streets of Sidhapudur near Gandhipuram in Coimbatore overflowed with people on Sunday morning, as thousands descended to pay their respects to the much-beloved “20-rupees doctor”. Even as Coimbatore has grown as a centre of super-specialty medical services, for thousands of poor people in the city, Dr V Balasubramaniam was their saviour.

Let us do small monetary and physical help to the needy poor by following his footsteps.


258. Rain rain go away

Chennai people are crying as the whole city is surrounded with water. Heavy rain for the past ten days lashed brought the city to a virtual standstill. All the roads are waterlogged  and people cannot use any vehicle on the road. Even walking on the road is risky. The rail traffic is hit.

There was no current supply in many areas. The schools and colleges remain shut and the students are watching the TV news very seriously. The Army, Air Force, The Coast Guard and the public have joined hands in rescue operations.

Arrangement has been made to air-drop drinking water and food in worst-hit areas. Boats and helicopters carried people to safe places. IT companies have given employees the option of flexible work shift  and work from home.

We have to learn the lesson to safeguard the city in future from such natural calamities, as there will be heavy rain and storm in every November.




236. How are we duped easily?

I have seen the tamil film “Sathuranga Vettai” few days back in TV. In this film, it is shown how common people are duped in day to day life. Really it is worth to see.

Why are we so gullible?  We believe people who come door to door, asking for money, mentioning some noble cause. We are thinking that the money goes for the right purpose. In many cases, the money goes to the pockets of people coming for collection. When a con man approaches decently, we are getting deceived easily. We are also falling into the traps of advertisers and marketers.

How do we come to believe  that things are true when they are not? Even the smart and sophisticated  people use unrelated information to decide whether something is true or not. The chit companies and MLM are easily capturing common people. Some small gifts and advertisements are enough for trapping people. Mostly women are falling in these and losing their hard earned savings. Promising a better life, agents approach poor families, demanding them a sum and escape afterwards.

We are not greedy that our money will become double within a year or so. While giving donations, we have to give them to the right person directly. There are many safe saving plans with nominal interest. We can put our hard earned money in them and relax.  Let us be cautious and avoid being duped by anybody.

234. Text neck


A new ailment in neck and spine has started to attack those who use modern devices. People suffer due to injuries and pain sustained from looking down wireless devices for a long time. The weight of normal human head is about 5 kg. While using wireless devices, the neck bends forward and down, resulting which the weight put on the cervical spine gradually increases.

Many people use smart phone for hours together which causes headache, neck pain and shoulder pain. For youngsters, the wear and tear starts very early. While moving in public place, we see many people with their heads down. Nowadays everybody use smart devices for checking social media sites, reading mails and sending texts. Unknowingly, the youngsters are getting addicted to this habit. The parents should think about the life and future of the children and youngsters.

For every inch the head tilts forward, the pressure put on the spine and neck doubles. The sore and inflammation are serious problems in the young age. The muscle pain and  pinched nerves won’t allow them to do any work. A straight back and aligned head posture is essential, in between, while working on smart devices. The smart devices should be raised to eye level and we should not bend our shoulders  while using.

The youngsters should do physical exercises for head, neck, shoulders and spine  regularly. They may be asked to use smart devices for a short time sitting or standing in the correct pose.

224. Generosity of walkers

Swathi  lives in Musiri. She has applied for “biotech” in Coimbatore Agricultural University. She was asked to attend counselling session at 8.30 AM on 08-08-2015, at Anna Arangam, TNAU, Coimbatore.

The girl mistook the venue as Anna University, Chennai and reached  there on 8th morning, with her mother Thangaponnu. After reaching, they found out that there was no sign for counselling there. They were enquiring the security guard. At that time, Twalker group members who came for walking, knowing the fact, contacted the Anna university authorities and confirmed that the couselling will be held only at TNAU, Coimbatore. They took the photo of the girl and her mother & sent it to TNAU, Coimbatore through whatsapp. They also sent all the details about the girl. After arranging for breakfast for the girl and mother, they arranged for flight ticket from Chennai and Coimbatore. By arranging a car, Swathi and Thangaponnu were dropped at the airport. At Coimbatore airport, the twalkers arranged for pick up and drop at TNAU. The girl and her mother could not recognise the person and they themselves arranged an auto and reached TNAU.

The girl attended couselling at 12.30 AM and got admission for B.Tech at TNAU, as per her wish. Swathi and her mother assured that they will return the money spent for them by Twalker members as soon as possible.

Even in kaliyuga, we see humanity here and there. The concern shown towards a poor village girl by Twalker members is really appreciable.

220. Social anxiety

Some people avoid moving freely in the society. They hesitate to interact with others. They used to stand in a corner in a crowd. This type of behavior is known as social anxiety. The persons having this defect have got intense fear of what others think about them. They fear for criticism.

Some people may have this type of disease from childhood and they let it develop  when they grow. Even if anybody asks simple questions they blush, sweat, tremble and speak something nervously in a slow voice. Some people fear to eat, drink, write or read in front of others. If there is nobody nearby, they do all these actions correctly. The medical treatment help them to come out of this phobia.

The treatment to change the pattern of thoughts and physical reaction is given to them continuously so that they can behave normally in the society. We might have come across such people in our day to day life. We can encourage them to be bold and face anything courageously.  The family should help such people to come out of this problem. The medication and support are essential as this is a minor problem. Their hidden talents will be exposed only if this problem is solved.

217. A woman’s identity

First of all, a woman is a human being. She has got all the feelings which a man has. Some men show fear and hostility towards women. Some women think themselves as inferior. Both are wrong. The qualities such as leadership, command & control, and authority are attached to the  father role and the qualities such as love, affection, compassion and submission are attached to the role of a mother in our society.

Why not both of them have all the qualities? Now people started to think that financial independence is the identity of a woman. If a woman is financially strong, the society hesitates to comment about her deficiencies. A woman who  climbs the ladder steps of education, employment, career projection and outstanding performance in any field, in addition to taking care of her family, is known as successful.

But, some women who climbs all these ladder steps are not successful in life as they are being abused and suppressed at home or office or outside by men or other women. Women should not lose their self-esteem for anything. That is their real identity. A woman should not get “ego” at home or outside. That will spoil her image totally.

Women has to give up some habits like gossiping,   fault finding, degrading others, spendthrift mania, poking nose in others’ matters and jealousy. If a woman succeeds in doing it, definitely she will get her true identity.

212. Effects of wearing skin tight clothes

Nowadays it is common among youngsters to wear skin tight clothes. They think that they look pretty in that dress. They feel that then only others will call them as young, slim and beautiful.  They want a stunning look with stylish outfits and dresses of latest designs  where they can fit their body in that outfit and squeeze themselves for the whole day. It will be very difficult to breath and eat anything.

Do they know that it is hazardous to health? The part of the body which has been covered tightly is getting affected due to lack of blood circulation. If the person continues to wear such dress for hours together continuously daily, very soon he/she may have to get admitted in the hospital.

The skin allergy and infection will be very common among such people. The suffocation may result in severe sweating and fainting. The dresses which presses the stomach may cause abdominal problems. Those who wear skin tight jeans may get nervous disorder problems such as numb, tingling, irritating or burning sensation. Some people may get back pain problem also.

We should educate the youngsters not to invite such problems by wearing skin tight clothes.