162. Buy nothing day

Many people are crazy of shopping. When they start to shop, they will buy whatever they see. Some others make plans to buy  and they strictly see the things in their shopping list only. One more category of people do a lot of window shopping and find out what are the new arrivals and compare brand, price, quality etc. Next step they do is to come to a conclusion and straightaway go to buy.

Some people challenge themselves to visit all the shops which contain the items of their choice but prevent themselves from buying anything. This is called buy nothing day. In the world 20% of the people are able to buy what they want. To balance the unfair distribution of wealth this day is celebrated.

Many products the consumers buy are toxic waste which are harmful to the environment. It is celebrated on 29th November in U.K. In Canada and America it falls on the friday after Thanks giving day. It is an opportunity to consume less the products in the market. the term “buy nothing day” became very popular through internet and the social media also took part to take the message to the consumers.

Nothing will happen if we do shopping on one day but it makes to think while making any purchase afterwards. Sp, enjoy the day and count the days in a year which was spent as “buy nothing day”.

146. Shopping with children

You might have had the thrill of shopping with children atleast once. The tiny kids will scream on seeing a colourful toy or some article with cartoon character. You may feel embarrassed when the child start pulling the things and dropping them on the floor.  The children may get sudden involvement in choosing the things for the family.

They may select some items which you may not like. If you keep them aside, they will start to cry.  You have to take the children for shopping only when their tummies are full and they are in full mood. Generally children may not like to do shopping when it is crowded. They also don’t like when we visit many shops to select a particular item. Suddenly the children may feel hungry or feel to  go to toilet. They won’t allow you to see anything in the shop.

But, some parents promise to give a treat if the children behave properly during shopping. But, that practice is also wrong. Moreover, the children may get a mood go play and start to run up and down, sometimes disturbing others. You should keep the children engaged when you are busy with shopping. It is better to do other important  purchases alone.  You should always be ready for anything while shopping with children.

39. Window shopping

Window shopping is an preliminary experience before doing the actual shopping. We may have plan to buy something. The purpose of window shopping without spending the money, knowing about a thing. We can just go through texture, quality, price and other details of the item by just visiting the shops having the item but not buying it.

Some people visit shops with the plan to do window shopping. Some others, having come to the shop to purchase some other item, see other items also and get details, to make purchase later on. Some others, to kill time, do window shopping. Nowadays, the youngsters go to a mall and spend hours in making a research of new arrivals. They may or maynot buy those items afterwards.

The people who have got the fear of buying everything at once they see, won’t take money or credit card while doing window shopping. Some people visit all the shops and prepare a comparison note first. They check the price online also and finally decide to buy. Some shop owners stand outside the shop and invite the customers to come inside and get a view of items in the shop. They know very well that some people may be tempted to make some purchase and some others may come again to make purchase after doing window shopping.

The window shopping will be interesting in big cities as there will be number of shops lined up in a row. In rural areas, there will be one or two shops only altogether. So, effective window shopping is possible only if number of shops are more. Some people enjoy their week-ends by doing window shopping.

Normally, the shop owners allow window shopping, as the crowd in the shop is one point in running business. So, the customers will have a belief during actual buying that they are not cheated, as they have verified the cost and quality of the product while doing window shopping. So, window shopping has to be encouraged and followed by all, before buying costly items atleast.