446. Organising home – II

We have already seen organising of Living room, Kitchen, Dining room and Bed room, in my previous blog. Let us see how to organise other rooms in the house.

Children”s Room : Nowadays children don’t even want to share room with their own siblings. They need privacy. If the children are young, they can share the room. First of all, we have to ask the children to keep the room clean, by themselves. The wall paper should be attractive and we have to allow the children to choose them. Individual cup-boards and drawers should be given to each child, if they share the room. The bed should be comfortable and neat. We have to transform our kid’s room with inspiring designs and individualised touches to create a magical place. We have to open up a whole new world of exciting styling possibilities for our child’s room, from adorable nursery ideas to cool teenage bedroom ideas.

Guest Room :  It is better to have a guest room in the house, than sharing our own bed room. Preparing for and hosting house guests can be a very enjoyable experience. There is something satisfying about helping our visitors feel especially welcome and comfortable. We have to keep a quality bed and mattress for the guests. We have to leave a cupboard empty for the guest to keep their things. We should not dump our things in the guest room. Good lighting, fan and AC should also be there. The attached bath should be neat with facilities like water heater, wash basin and mirror.

Garage :  The garage is a pace for keeping the vehicles only. Some people use it as a store room to keep the unwanted things there. Periodical cleaning should be done to keep the garage clean. Proper lighting should be there.

Whether our house is small or big, we should organise it very neatly by keeping all the things in the right place and throwing away the unwanted things then and there.

Enjoy happy living.

445. Organising home – I

Everybody likes to live in an organised home. Having an organized home is very different than merely having a clean home. Yes, they are both vital to maintaining a happy, comfortable living space, but it takes a bit of creativity and smartness to implement easy ways to keep all our  belongings in their rightful place — and not all over the floor.

Living Room : While designing the layout of our living room, we have to think about how we will likely move through the room and ensure that our furniture layout doesn’t interrupt the natural flow of traffic.  We can plan the seating arrangement to maximize space utilization. Accordingly, we can put sofa and chairs. Also, we have to install some ceiling shelves to store books, picture frames and showcase items. An adjustable table helps us to reduce space. We have to keep TV, sofa and little furniture only so that the living room will give a neat look.

Kitchen :  The modular kitchen helps us to organise the kitchen things in a neat way so that nothing is visible explicitly. We have to arrange our kitchenware by frequency of use, with everyday dishes on an easy-to-reach lower shelf and special-occasion pieces up above.  We have to create a cooking zone around the stove, storing pots and pans as close to the range as possible. We should not keep refrigerator in the kitchen. Drawer organizers keep cutlery neatly separated, so we never have to rummage around for what we need.

Dining Room : We have to keep the size of the dining table optimum. It should not be too big or too small. We should keep the refrigerator in the dining room only. The cutlery rack should also be kept in the dining room only. We should not keep irrelevant things on the dining table. The dining room is where the family should end their day… sharing how their day went, making memories!

Bed Room :  Our day begins and ends in the bedroom, so keeping it organized will also keep us sane. Overflowing drawers, floors in disarray, and a cluttered bed will leave us feeling frazzled. An organized closet is the heart of a well-kept bedroom.   We have to go through our clothes and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit or that we haven’t worn in the past few years. We should not hesitate to give the clothes in good condition to the needy people. We have to fold everything in our clothing drawers neatly. We have to use a drawer divider for smaller items like  inwares, socks, lingerie, and belts.

I will talk more about other rooms in y next blog.

72. House cleaning is not a tough task

Everybody likes to keep the house clean. But, we may have to spend hours for cleaning. I have prepared a list for daily cleaning, weekly cleaning, monthly cleaning and annual cleaning.

The costly cleaning liquids we buy from departmental stores will not solve the problem. The vinegar and dettol I use daily to clean toilets. For cleaning the water taps vinegar helps a lot. The dirt and grease in the kitchen really annoy me. As soon as I finish cooking, I used to clean the stove and other parts of the kitchen quickly. Next, after taking food I clean dining room. Then I will move to other rooms for keeping the things in the right place.

I pay special attention in cleaning the toilets, bathrooms and sink. The vinegar and soap water are enough for daily cleaning. I used to clear the garbage daily once. The washing of clothes I used to do weekly twice. Cleaning of garden is done weekly once.

Some people are bothered about house cleaning once in a while or when the guests are coming. The clean house will give a good impression on us by neighbours also. We have to spare atleast 2 two hours when the house is big. In India also, the housekeeping charges are becoming high, we have to manage ourselves. So, if we are willing to spare some time and show interest, house cleaning is not a tough task.

71. My house

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I like my house very much. Wherever I go, my mind will be thinking about my house. Just as we love human beings I got attachment on my house. We built this house 3 years back. It took full one year for completion of the building. I used to come to the site daily and watched the progress.

We didn’t consult any engineer. We ourselves prepared our house plan and carried out the work as per the plan. Each and every room was designed as per our wish. We have left some space for a little garden. We have open terrace garden also. When I enter the puja room I get immense peace of mind. All my problems will be shattered when I sat and pray there.

The kitchen is very airy and spacious. All the things are kept in the correct place and it gives a neat look to the kitchen. The hall is big but we have put 2 sofas and kept TV alone. The 3 bedrooms and one big hall in the upstairs show our house big. We have chosen orange colour for painting the interior and  exterior which gives a pleasant and decent look to the house.

The light red colour for granite flooring matches well with the walls. All the cupboards and shelves have red and white colour lamination which also go very well with walls and floors. I used to keep my house very clean. The visitors also enjoy visiting our house.

30. Home garden


For everybody, the most convenient place to stay is his home only. The house may be made up of bricks and cement. But, a home is made up of many little lovely things. One such hing is home garden. Our house may be very small. we can make it sweet by keeping some plants before or backside of the house.

If there is no space for keeping pucca garden we can keep some plants in pots. The greenary near the house will be a feast to our eyes. If there is enough space, try to put a kitchen garden. The vegetables we get through plants in our garden, will make us happy, apart from saving money. The flowers give a new beauty to our house and they are useful for doing puja at home. Daily if we spend some time in our garden, we get more energy.

If our mood is out, we can go to the garden to change the mood and return with positive thoughts. So, home garden is a part of our home. we should give practice to all our family members to get involvement and do some work in the home garden for improvement. Watering plants is a good exerfise to our mind and body. Your life will be complete only if you have a library and a garden at home.

The growth of plants and the new buds & flowers will give us immense pleasure. We learn patience and carefulness from the plants in our garden. The guests will definitely appreciate our home garden, if the plants are neat and healthy. We should create love of gardening. It is not just work. It is a hobby as we get happiness from it. The persons who possess home garden are blessed by God, as they get the chance to mee the nature daily. We can do all experiments in the garden without doing a mistake. So, I wish all to have a home garden.

28. House keeping

Everybody dreams of living in a beautiful big house with all facilities. If we work hard and save money, it may be possible for building our dream house. Since home loans are available easily, many people step forward to fulfill their dream of building the house. Those who live in rented house also want to keep it beautiful(atleast when the guests come).

Before making the house beautiful, we have keep it clean. It is not an easy thing to keep the house neat always. Nowadays servants are not available for household works in India, as before. They demand much more and their work is also not satisfactory. When we watch, they do the work properly. If we are busy, they will skip doing some works, which makes our house ugly, even after cleaning.

Some people challenge that they are ready to do the house cleaning by themselves. If they become sick or busy, everything will come to a standstill position. My suggestion is that we can engage servants for some works on routine basis, which we cannot attend on daily basis. In addition, we have to do daily cleaning, weekly cleaning and monthly cleaning by preparing schedules and following them strictly. Then only, the house will look clean at all times.

In India, many times guests will come to the house, without giving proper intimation. So, it is essential to keep clean everything at all times. House keeping includes not only cleaning but also cooking, doing shopping to keep essential things ready for use, payment of all bills due and house maintenance. The house keeping also includes gardening, cleaning the surroundings, dishwashing, floor cleaning and dusting all the furnitures.

Indian ladies now ladies started objecting that the housewives have got no work other than house keeping. House keeping here includes bringing up the children and taking care of elders at home. The Indian men gradually start realising that they also give a hand to women in housekeeping. It is really a welcoming change.